Well heeled = well, healed!

OK, I think this is a stretch, but I’m willing to try it. I seem to have inflamed my Achilles tendon during one of my training runs last week. I rested it and iced it most of the week, but I probably shouldn’t have run 9 miles today. But I did.

So now it’s more ice and more rest, of course, but I thought I should do a little more research on how to properly care for this and make sure I don’t put myself out of commission long term!

I found several sources of information, mostly saying that this is a common condition of “middle-aged recreational runners.” Great. Now I’m a middle-aged recreational runner??

Everyone suggests ice and rest. But here’s something extra useful I found on About.com:

“A heel wedge can be inserted into the shoe to minimize the stress on the Achilles tendon. By lifting up the heel of the foot, even by a small amount, a significant amount of force is decreased on the Achilles tendon.”

A wedge heel, you say? I can totally get down with that!
I’m all over this… DSW is sending me a gift card to replace the shoes that Jack ate.
Boo, Jack! Yay, DSW!
Since I’ll be heading there anyway, and wedges are practically medically prescribed, I thought I’d search out a few more options.

I love the flirty bow on these:

I’m a sucker for white linen, and I think these would be adorable with a white sundress.
Or shorts. Or anything.
These next shoes are fairly boring in comparison, but cuter than flip flops ~ and I think they would be perfect for our weekly walks to the farmer’s market:

Aerosoles Guava Plush Wedge at DSW


Sensible, no? Also… who wouldn’t love a shoe with “Plush” in the name? Sounds so comfy and therapeutic!

Finally, I had to include these because they’re so very adorable, and would be perfect with the bold colors and 70s vibe going on in fashion right now:

Impo Tipper Espadrille Wedge at DSW

I do feel the need to point out that I don’t think these wrappy strappy espadrilles would look good on me. I have fairly large calves— I’m not complaining, they’re fairly shapely— but I think my legs look better if you can see my ankles.

What do you think? Am I on the right track to heal my heels?


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