Flying with a toddler with style and grace

I pride myself on being a savvy traveler.   I never wanted to be the person in the security line causing the hold up because they had their cell phone in their pocket or forgot to take off their belt.  I travel light, fast and efficient.  Now I have a toddler and I had to fly (with connections) without the help of Papa….. did I mention with a TODDLER… And not just any toddler,  I am traveling with Zephyr, aka Hurricane Zephyr.  How do I  maintain my professional travel status with a two-year old in tow?   It takes  preparation, organization and a pre-flight bloody Mary.  I am currently in Tucson Arizona and I must say our flight  was flawless.  Here is how I did it.  #1.  I brought healthy snacks that Zephyr loves but rarely gets.  I recommend “happy baby yogurt melts”  they are bite size, no mess and yummy.  #2  I stopped  by a local used book store and got fun books about airplanes.  #3 a box of band aids.  They are cheap and he had so much fun sticking  all over him self and me.   #4 I  offered to buy my seat-mate a cocktail.  As any smart mother knows a small drink can make you more tolerant with a toddler, plus it show that you understand sitting on a long plane ride next “the dreaded baby” is not always ideal.   #5  I brought small gifts that he could open every hour.  It was great fun and passed the time.   Remember to take care of yourself  as well.  Avoid sodas, drink plenty of water, bring  yummy face wipes to freshen up with and take a lot of deep breaths.

I only have one kid so I never bring a cumbersome stroller, instead I stick him in an Ergobaby and pack as small a carry on I can get a way with.   I wear slip on shoes, no belt and have any metal in my carry on BEFORE going through the security line.  Before the flight I was nervous that it would be hell, but  now I am looking forward to the adventure of our flight home.  I can’t wait to hear Zephyr say, “More Airplane when we land back home”

Happy toddler,  Happy Mama, Happy passengers!





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3 responses to “Flying with a toddler with style and grace

  1. April Severson

    What great ideas – love the bandaids! We traveled a lot when Yashi was little and she had a special travel back pack (that later became her restaurant backpack) Inside were games and special crayons and coloring books that were only ever used for travel (and later dining out). It became highly coveted and desirable
    and made for nice manageable travel.

  2. Here are Chris Brogan’s tips for traveling, coming from someone who does it a lot…

  3. Dayl, I think it’s brilliant to buy your seatmate a drink!! I rarely travel with a kid without Brian, usually the four of us take up a whole row. But if I ever have to share a row again, I’m totally offering to buy them drinks!
    I also love the idea of a little present to open every hour. That would have helped us immensely on the trip back from Florida.

    Thanks for sharing your tips!

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