Spring Forward

Egg hunt in Tucson with Z

Easter Sunday.    The churches are full and the super markets are out of ham.   Believe it or not  Easter was an old Saxon  holiday celebrating spring, new life and planting time.  It was a celebration of the goddess Eostre.    The goddess of new beginnings.  I guess it makes sense that the Christian church wanted in on Easter since the resurrection is symbolic of a new beginning for the church.  I had to ask myself what new beginnings do I want in my life this spring?  As the flowers burst out of the ground I am reminded that it is a time of renewal and new energy for earth and for us.  Maybe spring is a better time for new resolutions than New Years.   It is hard to start new things in the dead of winter.  So take some time today and think about the seeds you would like to plant in your life this spring.




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