Is This My Beautiful Life?

Do you ever have those moments where all of a sudden you are 17 years old, looking at yourself in your surroundings thinking, “Wait. How did I get here? Is this really my life?”

I had one of those moments the other day, it went something like this:

Eric (yelling from the other room, which I like to think that I don’t allow): “MOM!  I WENT POOOOOOP!”

Me: “That’s great, honey. Good job.”

«pause * pause * pause»

Me: “ERIC! Did you go poop in the TOILET????”

Eric: “Yes. But some got on the seat, and Jack* is trying to lick it.”

Me {in slow motion}: “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

And then I had the most surreal sense of being out of my body, looking at myself in this situation. Was I really having this conversation? That’s what parenthood is all about, I guess.

I’d love to hear your stories of those surreal “Is this really me?” moments!


*Jack is our puppy.



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15 responses to “Is This My Beautiful Life?

  1. I often have a similar yet opposite experience. I am 31 and single with no kids. I’ve always been more family oriented so I often feel like things are not what I thought. I was also relieved to find that Jack was a dog 🙂 Stopping by from #Commenthour.

  2. Oh, the relief I felt when I read that Jack is a dog! #CommentHour

  3. did 17 year old you ever think that you’d be blogging about poop? doubtful. : )

  4. Hahaha! It’s so much fun being a mom, isn’t it? I ask myself all the time if this is really my life. Sometimes I swear I am getting punked but Ashton Kutcher never shows up, lol.


    Literally Inspired

  5. In the last 24 hours, I have said,

    “No, honey, dog food ISN’T delicious.”
    “You can pick your nose. Just do it when no one is watching.”

    Clearly, I’m not winning any parenting awards soon…

    Happy to have found you through #commenthour. I’ll be back!

  6. Oh my goodness!!! I’m sorry, I laughed. Kids. Go fig.

  7. Love the Poop comments! Yes … time sure does fly!!
    New follower from commenthour
    Ro 🙂
    Have YOU had YOUR Mom-ME Moment today?

  8. Every single day! lol

  9. hahah! i have moments like that every. day. i wonder: how the heck did i get here? 23 with a two year old kid and a four year old marriage. crazy how fast things fly. 😉

  10. patchofheaven

    Heehee! We have SO. MANY. poop days here, it’s not even funny! Well, sometimes, looking back…

  11. April Severson

    Thank heavens you said who Jack was! Ugh. ON the other hand kinda good that he is a cleaner not a maker. . .

  12. Oh Poop living. I could have an entire blog on poop between my son and my job. Parenting can be surreal. I think it helps us survive. That and friends like you.

    love you

  13. Great story. You captured the moment with humor, wit and reminded me what a fabulous mother you are Krista and a great writer. xox

  14. ROFL!! Love the hillarious things that happen between the kids and the pets!

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