Forget Gatorade, BEER is the ultimate recovery drink.

Cheers to all the ladies at the Hippie Chick 1/2 marathon.

Sisterhood.   A large gathering of women is a powerful thing, especially when they are working toward the same goal.  Women are AMAZING.

Running 13.1 miles is a huge accomplishment for me.  Three months ago I struggled through three miles.  It goes to show that you can reach your goals with hard work.  The run was so inspiring.  There were woman of every age and every body type. In fact, a woman of 71 beat my time by 20 minutes!   One of my friend’s sister, who lost 60 lbs this last year, walked the course.  She had hardly walked anywhere for years and now she walked 13.1 miles!!!  Krista was amazing, she would not let her injury get her down and walked the quarter marathon.  Plus she was the best dressed by far. It felt great to be with a large group of women all supporting each other.  I only knew a handful of people there, but no one was a stranger.

After the race they had a beer garden.  Yummmm.  I swear I could barely walk but after a Hazelnut Brown from the Rogue Brewery I felt great!!  I encourage anyone needing a sports recovery drink after a long race to have a beer.  It is perfect.  Carbs/electrolytes/calories/a little something for the pain.   I highly recommend it.

So to all my sisters out there:  Lets meet at the Hippie Chick next year and share a beer after a  job well done.




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