A new food challenge

As a parent concerned about nutrition, I’m always trying to balance making healthy meals that both the kids and us grown-ups will enjoy. I’ve recently decided to add the new twist of trying to be as vegetarian as possible, because I’m concerned about how the animals are treated before making it to my table.

So now I have a new twist. A new filter to run my potential meals through before offering them to the family.



Frustrated at my lack of progress in healing my doctor-diagnosed Achilles tendonitis, I made an appointment to see a Chinese medicine practitioner, Marya. After making the appointment, I saw Physical Therapist Dan and got the problem fixed (FYI, it wasn’t Achilles tendonitis after all!), but I still went to see her because I want to heal well, and I want to be able to start running again as soon as possible. In addition to doing a little Shiatsu massage and acupuncture, she prescribed an anti-inflammatory diet.

What is an anti-inflammatory diet, you ask?

The answer is: “Remove everything that’s fun from your diet.”

Seriously. Foods I shouldn’t be consuming include: caffeine, red meat, wheat, corn, soy, dairy, and sugar.

I wasn’t so worried about the sugar and red meat, since we don’t eat it much of either anyway. But part of my “going vegetarian” endeavor has involved a lot of pasta. I just bought a bunch of fresh basil to make pesto. I guess I can put it over fish and veggies instead of pasta… I made the mistake of perusing some vegetarian-only cookbooks, and found myself falling asleep just flipping through the pages. I’m having more fun looking at my Bon Appétit Cookbook by Barbara Fairchild, because everything is so interesting and delicious.

Here is the meal I’ve planned for dinner today:

Almond Crusted Cod with Leek & Lemon Cream (from the Bon Appétit Cookbook: it actually called for sole, but there wasn’t any sole available, the cod was fresh), to be served with saffron-lemon infused brown rice (my own creation), and rainbow chard sautéed with garlic (Anna’s idea). I know the cream in the leek & lemon cream sauce is on the no-go list, but I have to start somewhere. Almonds are highly recommended, as are leeks and lemons and chard, so I think this will be a good meal. Plus, Marya suggested using coconut oil in cooking, so I can use that when preparing the fish. I’m fairly confident it will be interesting enough for Brian and I, and the kids will like it as well. Well, I don’t think they’ll be crazy about the chard but it’s worth a try.

bok choy, carrots, basil, spring garlic, rainbow chard and collard greens from the Farmers' Market

I found a recipe for a bok choy & shrimp salad with won ton “chips” (from Prime Time Emeril) that I think we’ll try tomorrow.

I sure would appreciate any other ideas to expand my repertoire!

In good health,


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3 responses to “A new food challenge

  1. Angie

    Hey there, I didn’t know you were veggie too! I’ve sort of made a gradual switch to vegetarian over the last year or so and have just recently bought a bunch of veggie cookbooks since Travis returned from his deployment and needs more than just pb&J (my go-to meal while he was gone). Anyway, I love the Williams Sonoma one. Good luck cutting out wheat and soy…I know I couldn’t!

  2. The almond and parsley crested cod w/leek & lemon cream sauce was awesome, as were the “sweet & sour chard” (also from Bon Appetit) and saffron-lemon brown rice (my own concoction).

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