flower planting/painting

We had big plans to plant a bunch of pretty flowers in the garden today. Anna and I have been a little obsessed with bleeding hearts lately, and we finally found the kind and color we sought. Both kids and I got a little carried away at the nursery yesterday. The forecast called for rain, but I optimistically hoped for a break long enough to put all our flowers in the ground today.

No breaks yet, so we brought some of the flowers inside and got out the watercolors.

Here’s hoping for sun soon… or the fortitude to go dig in the dirt in the rain!




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2 responses to “flower planting/painting

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  2. Your header is beautiful.
    It’s rained so much here I have gotten to where the slight frizz in my hair and walking under raindrops doesn’t stand out as much, funny what we get used to. BUT, I do want it to GO AWAY so we can get out and play.
    Great idea…those paintings looks great! 🙂

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