“Even for me life had its gleams of sunshine”- Jane Eyre

Abbey reading to her sister when they were babes.

“Jane just got to Thornfield!” Abbey announced last night.

“Stop there.  Wait for me, I have to catch up!” I replied, “Helen hasn’t even died yet.”

My daughter and I are reading my favorite book together, ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte.  A little Mommy and Me book club, I guess you can call it.  She announced the other day that it is her goal to read it over the summer, and I just saw the new movie the other day; another unsatisfying version.  This required the greater fulfillment of reading this beautiful book again, for at least the fourth time.  The timing was good, so we are doing it.

Abbey is 10 years old, maybe a bit young for this story, but she has always been precocious, and she loves the classics, crazy kid.  As she enters into her preteen years, I think it will be important for us to find things we can do together to keep connected.  She is already turning into a different kind of person, and I am doing what I can to celebrate it and share growing up with her.

‘Jane Eyre’ is a wonderful story about a passionate, thoughtful, lonely young woman, learning how to live a full and independent life.  As Abbey grows, I hope to be able to talk these things through with her, but my words seem inadequate, and often life emotions are expressed much more profoundly in literature.  Jane has a singular voice that I can tell already speaks to her.  It is a joy to watch her meet Jane, and I can’t wait to experience what we will learn from her, together.

As with Jane, even for me, life has its gleams of sunshine.




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3 responses to ““Even for me life had its gleams of sunshine”- Jane Eyre

  1. Welcome Jeni!!! So glad to share this experience with you. I love your first post. I agree that reading with your children one of the best ways to spend time with them. I have to laugh that you are reading Jane Eyre and Zephyr and I are into Go Dog Go. How cool

  2. Reading together and sharing literature is a beautiful way for parents and their children to connect in new and meaningful ways. I remember sharing books with my dad as a pre-teen and teenager, and that connection was the foundation of our relationship as I grew older.
    I look forward to following along on your adventure with teenagers, Jeni!

  3. Laurie McCoy

    Beautifully written, Jeni.

    I am so happy that Abbey is reading this with you. I remember when you first met Jane.

    And, I remember well when I first came to love her. It is a sweet legacy.


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