New cards

imageI got these cards for free from when I created a profile at

I was skeptical about yet another place to create an online profile, but it was worth it to get the free cards. The cards are nice and heavy, with good print quality. I could have paid $20 to have the “” taken off the back, but I was unwilling to invest in an unknown quantity. Speaking of quantity (though in a different sense), I got 50 cards for just the cost of shipping, which was about $6.

Lesson learned:  the orange “.com” on the new Mostly Mommyhood logo doesn’t translate very well in print. I’ll have to fix that at some point.

By the way, that photo was taken by Carli Davidson, and I. LOVE. IT. Not just because I’m wearing the Queen of Rosaria’s crown, either. My dad said of this photo, “You’re smiling with your whole body!”



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  1. Those look great! And what a deal!

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