Regeneration Sunday

Boy, did I have a week! I worked 57.5 hours at my job last week, producing two concerts at the zoo. Today is my one day off, and I was determined to squeeze two days of weekend into one. Time to myself is a rare commodity, often bought with guilt. Brian is longsuffering and patient, but me working nearly 60 hours out of the house means he has to work that long with the kids with no back-up. But Brian is working today, and the kiddles are at my parents’ place, having a blast with the chickens and a new slip & slide. So I am very unguiltily having some time for myself! How to spend my day?

Vivian and I had a tentative plan for brunch & blogging (which usually involves Bloody Marys), but it was such a nice day that we decided to bike first.

We met on the downtown side East Bank Esplanade, near Saturday Market, and rode around the Esplanade all the way down to Springwater Corridor. I’ve ridden Springwater Corridor from Sellwood all the way out to Gresham, but I’ve never actually done the leg from OMSI to Oaks Park. It was so gorgeous! I wish I had taken pictures, but I was having much too much fun to stop and think about it. The views of the Willamette River from there are just priceless. We need to take the kids down there, but not on a weekend. It was too busy for little kids on bikes.

Willamette River and the Springwater Corridor trail, photo courtesy of Rails to Trails

We turned around at the Sellwood Bridge, stopping just long enough to take this picture:

Biking with The Vivavious Gourmand, Vivian. The guy who took our picture said, "Say Portland!"

The great thing about Vivian is she is so active, which allows her to eat such fabulous food and drink amazing wine and still look so smokin’ hot. I need to follow her lead more often!

We made our way back across the river, and after debating several dining options, settled on McCormick & Schmick’s Harborside at Riverplace. We were just about decided that way anyway when a server walked by with crab tater tots. SOLD!

I had Taro crusted mahi mahi with grilled ginger vegetables, rice noodles and Sriracha aioli. There was a delicate sesame flavor in the vegetables that I really liked, but really the whole thing was delicious. The fish fillet could have been a tad smaller and still had impact, but it was cooked to perfection and I ate too much. To be honest, after not eating more than Hood strawberries all day, I probably would have been fine with the crab tater tots and Bloody Mary. {stomach = shrunken} But why hold back when there’s good food to be had? It’s my day off dang it, and I’ve been working hard!


Of course I needed more Sriracha. I'm a whore for hot sauce.

Vivian had ahi tuna tartare, which arrived at the table deconstructed. So beautiful! Observe:

Ahi tuna tartare, with dijon, red onion, capers and egg yolk

Prepared tableside!

It was very impressive, but according to The Vivacious Gourmand, it didn’t need the dijon. You do have to wonder why you’d add such a strong flavor to fresh ahi.

I’ll be heading out to pick up the kiddles soon. I miss them, and definitely want to spend at least part of my one day off with them. But a little exercise, girlfriend time and good food goes a long way to restoring a gal. I think I’m ready to face next week now!




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3 responses to “Regeneration Sunday

  1. Trevor

    I eat Sriracha on almost everything… I always keep a bottle at home. And I’ve ridden the opposite way on the Springwater from Gresham to Oaks Park and onward down to the Steele bridge and across to the Saturday Market too… It is indeed a great route and I agree, the Willamette is just incredible as well as the nature preserve by Oaks Park… The concerts have been great so far. Pretty mellow… I look forward to the rest of the summer… Glad you got some me time!! 🙂

  2. Jenna Schofer

    Day off + girlfriend time + being outside + exercise + good food + bloody mary = PERFECT day! Glad you were able to enjoy and relax! See you bright and early for more exercise, outdoors, & girlfriends!! :). Xoxo

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