Mamavation Monday

I have been a complete slacker about my fitness!

There, I said it. SLACKER.

I was training good and hard for a half marathon, and when an injury sidelined me, I had a hard time getting back going.

But I’m back, baby! Yesterday I took a nice bike ride with Vivian, and today I did a power walk with my friend Jenna. Tomorrow, I’m hoping my running mama gals will run with me. See, the secret to success for me is friends to join me along the way. Having fitness buddies really helps keep me motivated, and following along with the Mamavation Moms has me inspired. And really, Eric is turning 4 in October. Don’t you think it’s about time I lost that dang baby weight? Eating right isn’t enough any more, I have to exercise. Seriously.

I had to decide to get myself moving again, but I was fortunate enough to have encouraging girlfriends there to help.

Consider this mama motivated!



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