Quiet! Get down from there! No, don’t touch that!

I felt like my kids were out of control tonight. I had to drag them out to the ‘burbs to score some equipment for work. Who knew all of the city of Portland was out of iPads?

They ran around Best Buy, chasing each other and laughing. I finally got them to stand still by asking them to count the boxes on the wall as I checked out. Eric started to get antsy, so I asked him to count the Es on a sign that was conveniently at his eye-level. Our cashier was impressed that he would do that, while I was just embarrassed that they had been running around like banshees.

We made our way to the strip mall sushi joint for dinner. Conveyor belt! I like a sushi conveyor belt as much as the next guy, but I didn’t know how this was going to play out with the kiddles.

They love shrimp, crab, avocado and of course rice, plus if Anna gets herself a bowl of miso soup she’s a happy camper. I can’t get enough sushi, so this has turned in to our go-to meal when Brian isn’t with us. The poor guy just doesn’t like sushi! But the kids had never seen sushi floating by on little plates on a conveyor belt right by our table, and I was worried it would be a little too much excitement for already-tired kids. {already tired = about to hit the wall}

I could NOT get them to calm down. Every few plates that went by, either Anna was trying to touch it or Eric was yelling, “Wow, Mom! Can we by THAT?”

I kept telling them to sit down, talk quietly, keep your hands to yourself. Eat your rice. Don’t touch that. No, I don’t want the seaweed that you took out of your mouth. Please don’t touch that. Can’t you just relax?


I was sure every body in that restaurant was judging me, and annoyed that my kids were so ill behaved.

Then the waitress came by.

Gesturing to the rice and soy sauce all over the table, I said, “I’m sorry we’ve made such a mess”

“Oh, it’s nothing. And your kids are so good!”

“Wha? Well that’s nice of you to say that, but they’re all over the place!”

“Oh, no! They’re so quiet and polite. They’re by far the best-behaved kids we’ve had in here in a long time!”


Either my kids aren’t as bad as I think they are, or the kids in Gresham are HORRIBLE.
Either way, maybe I’m the one who needs to relax.




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4 responses to “perspective

  1. Oh I think this is a common Mum/Mom thing, I feel like this all the time. And get comments about how well behaved they are too.

    One time when I thought they were behaving themshelves some crazy old lady told me I would have my hands full when number three came along if I couldn’t handle the first two…. We where at a plant nursery and they were asking which herbs where which, in a normal tone of voice… I guess she was in the camp of kids should be seen not heard.

    We love sushi here too! YUM

    • I had someone say that about my puppy at the farmers market. He was being remarkably well behaved, and this guy glares at me and says, “Here’s a thought. If you can’t control him, maybe you shouldn’t bring him here. Just a thought!” OMG! My puppy was sitting there minding his own business, and this guy was so mean to and mad at me!
      It’s all a matter of perspective, I guess!

  2. Heh heh! I get this. And just the fact that you care how your children were behaving speaks volumes. I think in situations like this we do tend to think things are worse than they are. It is SO stressful to be out with young children!

    Stopping by from TMP blog hop…

  3. that was very good. Loved reading it.

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