Backyard Movie Theater!

My neighbors had a brilliant idea! We all went in on a projector & giant screen so the kids can watch movies in the backyard. When I tell people we’re watching a movie in the backyard, the response is usually, “What movie?” I say, “Who cares? We’re watching it in a backyard!”

It took a bit of finagling to figure out all the cords and speaker wires. It was certainly a group effort, but it paid off.

The screen is 8’x8′, and good for either rear or front projection. My next door neighbor found it on Craig’s List and drove 2 hours each way to pick it up.


First movie attempt: Yogi Bear. Snooze. We lasted about 20 minutes before we all agreed it was boring.

Once it got a bit dark, the movie looked awesome. Turns out the choice of movie did matter after all. We quickly abandoned Yogi Bear in favor of Gnomeo & Juliet. Of course with stopping one movie and starting a new one, we didn’t finish the movie until 10ish, and the kids were definitely hitting the wall as we packed up. Packing up only took about 5 minutes, btw.


Gnomeo & Juliet was a hit with the kids, and had enough grown-up jokes to keep us entertained as well.


Projector: $250

Giant screen: $150

Speakers & receiver: dug out of neighbors’ garage

Miscellaneous cords & cables: $50

*Watching movies in the backyard with neighbors all summer (and summers to come!): priceless

Happy Summer,

*Several families went in on this together, which made it doable



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3 responses to “Backyard Movie Theater!

  1. Wow, that looks so fun for kids. It looks more exciting to do in the dark. Thanks anyway for this brilliant idea.

  2. We do this every year for Halloween. It’s so much fun and the neighborhood kids love having a place to congregate and compare candy stashes. 🙂 Plus it gets darker earlier so the whole gig is done by 8 or 9.

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