“Friendship” bracelets… without the Friendship

I just got an email from Polyvore claiming: “Style report: Friendship Bracelets!”

I don’t understand the idea of buying friendship bracelets. I thought the whole point was making them and trading them with your friends… but what do I know? Up until a few weeks ago (when my 14 year old friend Yashi and I made and traded friendship bracelets with each other) I hadn’t made or worn a friendship bracelet since the late 80s.

I like the idea of using these designs as inspiration to make them for friends, otherwise, they’re not friendship bracelets unless you buy them for your friend. The only thing these all seem to have in common is the presence of a ribbon or tie. That said, I think some of these are kinda cute. Maybe Yashi will make more for me…

"Friendship" bracelets... without the Friendship

Juicy couture jewelry
$27 – bloomingdales.com

Kitson wing jewelry
$31 – asos.com

Pink jewelry
$12 – nordstrom.com

Juicy Couture beading bracelet
$48 – juicycouture.com

Kitson wing jewelry
$43 – asos.com

Dannijo jewelry
$48 – dannijo.com

Mizuki facets jewelry
$705 – ylang23.com

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One response to ““Friendship” bracelets… without the Friendship

  1. TB

    Cool. Check out my friendship bracelet website: http://www.braceletsbydesign.weebly.com

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