Before… and After. My new windows.

I love a good make-over show.  My windows just got their very own make-over.

My lovely front windows.  All of our windows are by Milgard.  They were made right here in Ventura County, which I love.

My banquette spot is even more ready!

We won’t miss our “breezy” side window.  It let in a not-so-nice breeze on cold nights.

This is a cute “during” picture of the above window.  Elie is hanging out with our contractor, Alan Lyons of Lyons Repairs Unlimited.  Thanks Alan for your great work!

I call this “my window”, because I usually sit next to it during breakfast and when it is cold… brr!  The air went right through it.  Now I be able to sip my coffee with no shivering.

I love my new windows.




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5 responses to “Before… and After. My new windows.

  1. I gotta come see em, and the people who live in the house with new windows.

  2. Wow! Those are just beautiful. I love clean, pretty windows!

  3. Jeni, they’re wonderful! You did a great job of capturing it, too. Well done!

  4. I love it when beauty and energy-efficiency intersect! Beautiful!

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