Ridiculous Packaging


Seriously? Is all this packaging necessary? I think not. Each cleaning cloth is individually packaged to be convenient for travel. Cool. But then they’re wrapped in a box and sealed in plastic that I had to wrench open with scissors. Hey Merridrew Enterprises! You could save some money, not add plastic to the landfills, and avoid irritating the likes of consumers like me. I haven’t had to work this hard to open a package since trying to wrest the kids’ Christmas presents open.



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3 responses to “Ridiculous Packaging

  1. I agree – totally ridiculous!

  2. The other option is to simply not buy this product. Excessive packaging bugs me.

    • I had no idea how Fort Knoxish the packaging was until I got it home and tried to open it. I’m sending this link to the manufacturer, hoping they’ll reconsider this excess!

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