Thoughts on beauty: how much is too much?

Aah! I colored my hair for 10 years – by accident. It started with simple highlights, then I had to cover the roots… then I was trapped in colored hair land.

When I found out I was pregnant with Anna, I used the pregnancy (and fear of toxic absorption) as an excuse to let the roots grow all the way out. And I haven’t gone back. Turns out my natural hair color was lovely. Of course, soon after this realization, I started getting gray hairs. I don’t know if it was turning 35, or having a baby – but the gray hairs, they kept coming.

Now (5 years later) I’m feeling drab and unpretty… and thinking about revisiting the whole color-my-hair idea.

As long as I’m admitting these things,  may as well tell you I’m awfully tempted by a face lift, as well… Something I NEVER thought I’d even consider.

It’s the luxury of youth to not worry about aging. And the burden of parenthood is worrying about our kids. The transition is enough to give anyone gray hair. Sigh. Getting older is rough.

I don’t consider myself a vain person, but I do pay attention to how I look. It just makes life easier to be attractive, mostly on the inside, but the outside doesn’t hurt. Right? Admit it! You know it’s true!

Do you color your hair? Would you get a facelift? How much is too much in the pursuit of beauty?




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11 responses to “Thoughts on beauty: how much is too much?

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  2. I held off for as long as I could but finally, a couple of years ago the gray was starting to overtake my head so much that I had to give in. So far I won’t do a full color but heavy highlights.

    I am not ruling out going to full color at some point but I’m not there yet, though even now if you look at my hair there’s still A LOT of gray. Just go ahead and stare at my head next time! 🙂 So, I’m fully supportive of the coloring thing, and actually I’ve enjoyed adding some color in. Now, a facelift, I don’t think so – but never say never, right?

  3. My hair has been every color in the rainbow. Literally. Those days are over for me for the moment (until the gray wins the hairline battle).

    I’d have no problem getting plastic surgery if I was doing it for ME. If I was doing it to look good for someone else, then maybe it’s a bit more dicey.

    • I agree, Ryan. It has to be for the right reasons. I was walking by a window recently and caught my reflection, and thought, “Good lord, who is that saggy-faced person wearing my clothes?” {{shudder}}

  4. Never done it, never going to. Die my hair that is. My mom hasn’t either. Facelift is doubtful, but gosh an eye lift might be nice 🙂 And needed.

    • I always swore I’d never do any kind of facelift, and I see women who’ve obviously had work done and it scares me. There’s a weird puffiness/pulled effect that is just jarring and terrifying. But I also know people who’ve had a little lifting done and you’d never know if they don’t tell you ~ and they just look fantastic. I don’t want to change the way I look or look like a different person, but as things start to sag, I sure wouldn’t mind undoing the droop!

  5. I’m about to turn 22 and until a year ago, I’d never coloured my hair. Then a lovely lady got hold of my locks and added streaks of gold…I love it! But I still think that appreciating the natural is important.

    At the end of the day, what makes you FEEL good is what will LOOK best. Speak to different hairdressers before you go permanent with colour – try different options! There are temporary colourings, more natural-based dyes, the list goes on – find something you like and go with that! 🙂

    For more on beauty: 🙂 enjoy! xx

  6. i don’t color my hair, i actually wanted to for many years but my mom has convinced me ech and every time not to. my mom dyes her hair because all of her hair is grey. she never use to dye her hair but my dad talked her into it and i have to admit she looks wonderfull. the only downside is that her hair has thined out alot because of the dye.

    • I wouldn’t mind the grey hair if I could have luscious white hair like Emmylou Harris! But right now it’s just making me feel drab. I don’t like drab!!

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