Swim, swim little fishies!


Eric's instructor looked like Audrey Hepburn!

Our kids love swim lessons at the Grant Pool. All winter, they were asking when they’d get to start lessons again! Signing up for lessons online is a royal pain in the tushie, though. The information that the city puts out is not very user-friendly, and we’ve found it’s much simpler to sign up in person as soon as the pool opens for the summer. Seriously, it’s a nightmare online. Even signing in to the site is a pain, and finding the class times or how to register takes a whole lot of diligence. I really wish they’d clean it up, but in the meantime, here are the links to:

create a new account

find a class (you still have to search by age group for the type of class you want)

Like I said, it might be easier to just walk in!

Once we got to the pool, though, it was great. All of the age groups hold lessons at the same time, and lessons last 30 minutes. Our experience has been between 2-5 kids per instructor. At first glance, you wouldn’t even know that lessons were happening, it just looks like loud happy kid chaos.


Loosely-formed groups divided by skill level

The groups are small enough that each kid gets some personalized attention.

Portland Parks & Recreation moves the kids through 12 levels of lessons, starting with bubble-blowing for babies, and moving up to Park Shark II where they swim 500 yards. Eric is finally getting more comfortable putting his face in. He’s not as adventurous in the water as Anna, who is passionate about learning to swim. That girl is determined! She loves it so much, and doesn’t seem to have any fear. Now that summer is over, we’re planning to send them to indoor lessons at East Portland Community Center so they can keep advancing their skills. Plus, it’s great exercise that they LOVE.

Happy swimming,



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