Mamavation Monday: Embrace the Hunger

My doctor told me, “There is a broad spectrum of calorie intake that will allow you to maintain your wait. The window for weight loss is actually quite small. In order to lose weight, you actually have to be hungry.”


Ok. So I have to be hungry. No big deal, right? Really, it’s not. I’ve lost about 10 lbs just by being hungry. I have a protein shake before I run each morning, then another mixed with berries when I get home. I pack a bunch of healthy snacks in my lunch bag, along with a giant salad for lunch. Here are my typical snacks:

Broccoli & carrots, with humus for dipping • humus is so satisfying!

Snap peas • the crunch and bright green freshness of these peas help me out when I’m craving a crunchy snack. This is way better than Doritos, believe me.

Kohlrabi with parsley • so crisp and bright. Here’s the recipe.

Sometimes I shake things up with Rye Crisp crackers with Laughing Cow Light cheese, or maybe a can of tuna with a heavy douse of fresh cracked black pepper.

Oh – and I can’t believe I almost forgot the jalapeno-stuffed olives and V-8 juice. It’s almost like having a Bloody Mary at work.

If I stock my bag with enough good snacks like this, I can  stay on track all day, and not run up to the Grill for a giant, over-portioned lunch. Every time I start feeling hungry, I say to myself, “Good! I’m hungry – that means it’s working!”

Then I drink some water. Which usually buys me a little more time before the hunger is distracting. When water won’t do it any more, I eat one of the snacks mentioned above.

10 lbs down, 25 to go. Baby steps, but embracing the hungry feeling is working for me. The one thing I can control in my life is what I put in my mouth. So that’s what I’m doing!

In good health,




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3 responses to “Mamavation Monday: Embrace the Hunger

  1. I love this post – especially the part about how olives and v8 is almost like having a bloody mary at work! I was talking to a naturopath recently and she said, “The way to lose weight? Skip a meal every once in awhile! :)”

  2. Congrats! 10 pounds is a HUGE victory!

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