I couldn’t figure out where Anna got the idea to hide treasures around the yard, and make treasure maps for the neighbors to find the treasures. Very imaginative play going on here, and we keep finding these cute little treasure maps.

treasure map, this one was in the mailbox

Pretty soon the neighbor kids were making their own treasures and treasure maps, and they all spent an entire afternoon being creative, hiding, searching, drawing. I was impressed that my daughter had come up with this activity. Now I know she’s smart and clever and brilliant and beautiful (OK, I’m getting carried away), but this is fairly awesome, right?

This is one of Anna's more elaborate "treasures," which she made for our neighbor Sara

Brian and I were tickled when we stumbled across this “hidden” treasure…

Anna tells me this was the very first treasure, she made it for Caleb. It's still there, because after he found it he started making his own treasures and maps.

A few days after the big treasure map day, Anna was playing a Jake & the Neverland Pirates game on the computer. It suddenly hit me that this must be the inspiration for all the treasure maps! Not to downplay her creative skills, but finally it all made sense.

Jake & The Neverland Pirates "hidden treasure" computer game

We met Jake & The Neverland Pirates at Disney World. We were fortunate enough to be included in the Disney Social Media Moms celebration in March, and I gotta tell you, we all became Disney converts. The party hosted by Disney Junior was hands-down my kids’ favorite. Since then, it’s been Jake Jake Jake all the time.

We’ve almost switched 100% from Nick Junior to Disney Junior! The kids were about done with Dora and Diego, so the infusion of Jake has been just what they wanted. Same basic concept, BTW. Mind you, we don’t watch a ton of TV. In fact, I don’t even know exactly when any shows are on. We just set the DVR for their favorites, then whenever Brian or I needs a time out – or a shower and a moment of peace – we plop them in front of the recorded show. The beauty of this system is the shows are only about 30 minutes, then the DVR switches to the boring old menu, and the kids know they’re done with TV. If we let them just watch a channel, we might get carried away with our free time and let them watch TV all day. I’d like to think that wouldn’t happen, but I’m being honest here.

Anyway, Disney Junior has some good* shows, and they focus on making healthy choices – which totally supports what I’m telling the kids when they’re not watching TV.

Any show that prompts the kind of imaginative play I’ve been seeing around here is worth supporting!


*Good = entertaining & educational, with interesting characters


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