Hey Mom, Nice Rack!

Besides thrift stores, my friends’ hand-me-downs and Naked Lady Parties, Nordstrom Rack is my #1 place to shop for clothes for myself.

I very passionately believe that moms shouldn’t give up on their appearance just because they have parasites children depending on them for everything. I also believe in the power of good shoes, but that’s another post!

Nice Rack.

I jumped at the chance to preview the new Nordstrom Rack at Cascade Plaza (translation: Across Hwy 217 from Washington Square). Nordstrom Rack has kept me stylish for years. Now that I’m a mom and buying clothes for the whole family, I value the values even more. The Downtown store in Portland has been my mainstay, but it’s hard to get there sometimes. When I was taking the MAX on regular basis, it was easier.

Plus, I was more self-righteous about my commute choices, but again… that’s another post.

But now, with paying for parking, or locking up the bike, and knowing that any extra time I take to shop is time away from the family… it’s just too much.

Enter the sparkly new Nordstrom Rack at Cascade Plaza! It’s only 5 minutes away from work, so easily navigated on a lunch break. {Note to self: start taking lunch breaks.}

Anna and I joined the #tweetup at the new store, she proudly wore the nametag of “Junior Fashionista.”

Anna at her first "Fashion Party"

We sampled tasty treats and quickly took in the new store. It has a refreshingly open floor plan, with kids on the far left, shoes in back, men on the far right, and everything for mom in between. OK, there was a junior-ish kind of section that I ignored. Who has time?  With limited time and so many beautiful clothes, I couldn’t decide between focusing my time on a new pair of jeans or new outerwear. When my tweet won me a free pair of jeans, my decision was quickly made for me! Good thing, because I really truly seriously have no jeans that either A. fit me; or B. don’t have holes in them.

My tweet was selected and I won a new pair of jeans!

Anna and I browsed around and ran into some social media friends – so fun to see people IRL (in real life), when suddenly I realized that the store was closing soon and if I was going to leave with a new pair of jeans that I felt good about, I’d better get trying right away.

The super-helpful staff quickly helped me amass a pile of denim.

This is maybe 30% of the jeans I tried on...

They had some great brands – Joe’s Jeans, Paige, Hudson. I finally settled on a pair of True Religion jeans with “booty bling.”

Yep, that's gold on that there booty.

A huge thank you to the whole crew at the new Nordstrom Rack at Cascade Plaza. They were all charming and lovely, and I look forward to spending many a lunch hour there in the future!

Nordstrom Rack at Cascade Plaza opens Thursday, September 22. Five “Golden Hangers” worth $100 each will be hidden throughout the store. See you there in MomStyle!


Follow store manager Kristy on Twitter: @Beaverton_Rack for her inside scoop on fashion deals, new merchandise deliveries, special events & more.



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3 responses to “Hey Mom, Nice Rack!

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  2. First time here. Awesome blog and super post. Well done.

  3. Great jeans! They did have a great selection of items and the staff is awesome. It’s going to be SO dangerous to have it so close by!

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