Wordstock: Write up my alley

I grew up a bookworm, devouring every book and magazine I could get my hands on. I remember sitting around the living room with my whole family, each of us reading our own book, or sometimes reading together.

Life just seems more busy and hectic now than when I was a kid.  I haven’t made as much time for reading for pleasure lately. I try to read to my kids each night before bed, but I don’t want reading to be just a bed time ritual. I want my kids to grow up with the same love of books that I did, because I got so much pleasure (and vocabulary) from it, but also because I believe that foundation of reading helped make me a writer. Anna especially is so very very creative, and I want to learn some tips for fostering her writing. And reading.


So along comes the Wordstock Festival! Wordstock works all year to foster literacy and support local writers, and the festival is a giant blow-out of activities and opportunities.

We have a busy weekend (celebrating Eric’s birthday!), but we are carving out some time to go to the Knowledge Universe Children’s Literature Stage. There will be hands-on children’s reading and writing activities, plus book readings by nationally-known authors. The kids will love it. Plus, I’m hoping to pick up some tips for myself on how to foster their reading and writing.

I wish I had the whole weekend to devote to learning from and interacting with the incredible slate of authors at Wordstock Festival. I know I could improve my own writing and I’d love to hear their stories. But for now, I’m so glad the kids and I will experience the children’s area. I’ll let you know what we learn!



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