Trevi Fountain Dining

imageTrevi Fountain in The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas

Dining in Las Vegas has gotten really expensive! I have these memories of visiting Vegas and finding amazing food and drinks for not a whole lot of cash. I guess they’ve wised up to us non-gamblers, and figured out more ways to separate us from our money.

My friends and I love good food and of course crave upscale dining experiences. But who wants to spend so much? We discovered that when we share an entrée and several sides, we not only have the perfect amount of food, but we don’t spend as much as well! All of us ordering entrées and drinks quickly adds up.

imageSharing a bottle of wine doesn’t always work out financially if all they offer are super expensive bottles. But Trevi had perfectly reasonable bottles available. Thank you, Trevi!

For a late dinner at Trevi by the Trevi Fountain in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, we shared a Caesar salad, a Margherita pizza and calamari fritti. We were delighted to find that a lovely, light bottle of Pinot Grigio was only $40. Split between 3 of us the whole meal was totally economical. And delicious. And elegant. Of course, the company had a lot to do with that!

On the bucket list: visit the actual Trevi Fountain!



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