Azure Luxury Pool is how I want to live. Minus the annoying club music.

Some girlfriends and I took a long weekend to Las Vegas, and let me tell you – this is how to do Vegas. Something about being older makes me desire a slightly higher level of accommodations and luxury. Of course, I don’t want to pay for it any more than I did 10 years ago, but there you have it.

April (henceforth known by her Vegas name of Rio) wisely signed up for Groupon Las Vegas a month or so before our trip, and happened upon a $20 deal for a $75 value admittance + open bar at Azure Luxury Pool at the Palazzo Hotel (adjacent to The Venetian). We jumped on it, and I’m so glad we did.

The largest pool, and the bar of course. NICE, right??

Once we got there, the friendly and (all very hot) staff informed us that “open seating” was all under a rotunda, while all the cushy lounge chairs were reservable for $50. The $50 was really just a food & beverage minimum though, so it really made sense to do it. In other words, as long as we each spent $50 on brunch and drinks, we wouldn’t have to pay anything for the comfy chairs.

One of these pretty chairs can be yours for $50

But dang it, the club music was so loud and obnoxious! We seriously considered just staying until our Groupon expired and then bailing, but then we discovered…


The Cabana was $250 for the day, and same deal: it was just a food & beverage minimum. AND… the music was noticeably more quiet in The Cabana! In fact, it was tolerable! Except the nasty lyrics, of course, but if I tell you too much about that, you’ll just realize how old I am.

What’s more, The Cabana came with a lovely, helpful Kristin. Kristin made us feel like celebrities, and ensured that we wanted for nothing. Except maybe flatter abs and 20-year-old bodies.

And she was sooo sweet!

We had a BLAST at The Cabana. This is how to do Vegas, we all agreed. I’ve always thought private cabanas were out of range for me, but if it’s really just a food & bev minimum and I have a group of willing participants, maybe I can enjoy this kind of luxury more often!

One of the three lovely pools at Azure.

Rio entering The Cabana

My new profile picture for just about everything, BTW, because I want to remember how relaxed and fortunate I felt that day!



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