I’m chopping it off!

I was terrified of looking like a boy when I was little. I understand now why my mom cut my hair short. It was down to my tushie when I was three, so she braided it and lopped the braids off. I refused to wear pants or shorts without a skirt over them for quite a while after that.

I’m sure I never looked like a boy, but I was unreasonably afraid.

Mom cut my hair short again in 3rd grade, I wore scarves around my neck to look more feminine. My grandma had given me a cute pack of 6 little neck scarves, and I wore one every day for most of 3rd grade.

I was remembering The Scarf Situation with my mom, and she apologized for cutting my hair short.

But you know what? She did what she had to do! I am cutting Anna’s hair today, dangit, because I’m so tired of the daily cry-fest every morning when I try to comb her hair.

I LOOOVE her hair. It’s so pretty and golden brown and wavy and gorgeous. But I just can’t deal any more. And, she can always grow it back.

Such a pretty girl!

We are looking at hairstyles online, and we found these that struck Anna’s fancy:

Anna calls this, "Wormy Hair"

We think this is cute, but still: too much combing!

We think this might work! Anna declares it, "Perfect!" and it's short enough that it won't be World War Hair every morning before school.

I couldn’t find any tapered bobs on kids pictures! Ultimately, I’ll trust David Scott‘s advice on the matter. David is a co-owner of The National Beauty. Not only does he cut and style several celebrities and trains stylists nation-wide, but he cuts and styles MY hair! I’m such a lucky girl. We’ll see what he has to say about Anna’s rat’s nest style options.

What do you think? Is Keira Knightly’s bob too sophisticated for an almost-six-year-old?




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3 responses to “I’m chopping it off!

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  2. Jeana

    Do it!!! That style will look do cute on her!!

  3. I had the very same bob when I was 6! I also had a cute fringe to make the hairdo a tad more playful – could be an option? She’s adorable, lucky mum, you! X

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