The best phone handset ever?

Seriously, don’t you DIE for this mobile phone handset? Several of my Facebook friends have been scouring the interwebz for this handset, specifically in pink. Someone posted a picture of a blue mobile phone handset, but the picture didn’t link to any actual online store where you could buy said phone handset, so my darling Lori found this on Amazon. So I present to you, Many Handset Options:

Universal 3.5mm Retro Phone Handset and Answering button, compatible with most phones

We were at first convinced that pink was the way to go… but look, it comes in so many other colors! Even green, yellow and purple.

And the orange version – Look how handy!

Can’t you just see pulling that out of your bag when your phone rings? I love it! Now, if only it came encrusted in crystals…

This isn’t bejeweled, but I do like how sleek and chic it is (for a desktop, anyway):

So sleek and silver… very appealing!

But really, out of all the options, I think I really need a red phone… It is the hotline, you know!

Red is hot. And important.

What color would you choose, or is a retro princess phone handset the thing for you at all?




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6 responses to “The best phone handset ever?

  1. I love these! I am not a fan of making business calls on my cell phone – problem solved!

  2. I think even I could lose that thing in my messy handbag! I like the burnt orange, it’s got a “come and knock on our door” Jack, Janet, and Crissy feel.

    • I was hoping it would be big enough that I WOULDN’T lose it in my messy handbag, but I think I could lose just about anything in there. Including a small child.

      Extra points for a Three’s Company reference, Poppy!

  3. Jeana

    PINK please!! I will need one if I get the job I interview for tomorrow!!! I love ur blog!! Keep on blogging!!

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