Why did I wait so long?

I’ve been threatening to cut Anna’s hair for a long time, but I didn’t really want to do it. Her hair was so beautiful, but finally out of desperation, I decided to chop it off. 

David at The National Beauty of course did such a wonderful job. You don’t expect someone who is so talented and fabulous to also be good with kids, but he was so sweet and patient with Anna. Dreamy!

Here is my little girl getting her hair chopped:

The "Before" pic...

Funny how the girl who screams whenever her hair is touched seemed to like having David comb her hair!

The blow out. Not something she's let me recreate.

The "After" pic: so cute!

Celebratory lunch at Jake's Grill post-cut

Her hair is even cute when David hasn't styled it!

And shorter hair is so much more convenient for this type of activity...

...and this type of activity!

So now that I see how cute Anna is with her new hair cut… and now that mornings are that much easier without all the screaming and crying and pleading… why did I wait so long to cut her hair off?


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