Naked Ladies, Unite!

Have you ever participated in a Naked Lady Party? My friends and I do one about once a year and it’s AWESOME. Some of my best wardrobe pieces have come from a Naked Lady Party. What is it, you ask? Do you really get naked together?

Not really…

Everyone brings their clothes (clean, in good condition!) and lays them on tables or hangs them on racks. We start off with the tables & racks being fairly organized, but it quickly devolves.

At the designated time, we all jump in and start “shopping.” I’ve never actually seen anyone get all the way naked, but there is a fair amount of communal trying on that happens!

It seems like it might be competitive, but in reality it’s a very supportive and sharing community event. I’ve had people hand me things saying, “This will look better on you than me!” and I’ve certainly done the same. As we try things on, there are 20 other women there to give feedback. “Does this jacket work for me?” It’s nice to know you can get an honest answer and feel supported.

I have several bags of clothes ready to take. Some are brand-new designer dresses with the tags still on them. I was offered them by a friend cleaning out her closet. The beauty of these dresses, along with the intact tags and designer labels, convinced me that I needed to own them. So when I tried them on I thought, “Oh yah, this is PERFECT!” But I’ve tried them on several times since then, and they just don’t work on my body! Drat for me, but I’m so happy to get to share them at the Naked Lady Party.

It’s so fun to see people delighted by your clothes that you don’t wear! So much more fun that anonymously donating them somewhere. The best part is, all the leftover clothes do get donated to SnowCap Community Charities. They provide food, clothing and other assistance to families who need it, and I’m delighted to support them.

April was even interviewed on a local news radio station about the Naked Lady Party. I think in this economy,  the Naked Lady Party model is making a lot of sense to more and more people. Especially in Portland, where we’re so conscious about not being wasteful.

Here’s the interview:

So how do you throw a Naked Lady Party of your own?

1. Find a venue that is big enough for tables and clothes racks, preferably with mirrors available. Decide how many people you want to invite, and if you want to make it open for friends-of-friends. This will help you determine how big of a venue you need.

2. Select a date that works for your planning team and the venue. We like doing it this time of year, because it’s the right time to clean out your closets and transition from warm weather to cold weather clothing. I’ve usually spent a weekend in October putting away all my summer things and getting out my winter clothes, so I just create a separate pile for things I’m not wearing any more.

3. Arrange for rentals of tables & racks if necessary. Some venues have these already. This year, we are using our friend David’s salon, The National Beauty. It’s a beautiful, chic space with actual dressing rooms and mirrors, but we have to bring in tables & racks.

4. Find a charity to whom you can donate all the leftover clothing. Preferably, they will come pick everything up at the end of the party – that saves you having to haul it!

5. Invite your friends! We send emails, talked to friends in person, and created an event on Facebook so our friends could easily share it with theirs.

6. Get there early to set up: it helps to start out as organized as possible. Decide in advance who is collecting the fee, and how that will work.

7. Have fun swapping clothes and enjoying the company of your friends!

Let me know if you organize your own Naked Lady Party, and what you like about it or what you’ve learned. And if you’re in Portland on Sunday, November 20, stop by our party! Here are the details.




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6 responses to “Naked Ladies, Unite!

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  4. Awesome party idea. I would love to do something like that.

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