{from scratch holidays} Maple, Citrus & Ginger Cranberry Preserves

 I just found a new blog, From Scratch Club, and I’m feeling so inspired! Read their “about us” statement:

We are a small group of women striving for a sustained connection to the whole food we, our loved ones, and our communities consume. We meet twice a month for food swaps, and maybe even a food-related adventure, field trip, cheese-making party or potluck. Once a month we participate in community outreach at various local farmers markets in our area. The rest of the month we are here on the blog, sharing stories, recipes, DIY projects, homesteading tutorials, kitchen tips & tricks and food policy news in hopes of inspiring everyday people to jump back into the kitchen as a daily way of life regardless of income, space & time. Welcome!

A. Now I want to form a similar club. Food Swap, anyone? How about Food Adventures? Yes, please!

B. I can’t wait to start trying some of these recipes. In particular, the one on the front page today is {from scratch holidays} Maple, Citrus & Ginger Cranberry Preserves. It looks so delicious! I’m a sucker for tart + ginger + citrus, so add in maple syrup and I’m sold. This is definitely going on the Thanksgiving list this year.

Happy food,



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3 responses to “{from scratch holidays} Maple, Citrus & Ginger Cranberry Preserves

  1. Wow~we inspired you?!?!!! What an honor! Thank you for the extremely kind words and ‘link love’. We are going to need to keep in touch; good things happening here! I hope you or one of your readers makes the cranberry preserves, my hubs just finished the last of it- time for another batch… Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow. This looks AMAZING! Usually our cranberry at Thanksgiving comes out of a can. Maybe I should spice up our Thanksgiving meal and add THIS to it. Thanks for sharing this!

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