Holiday Inspirations: Help for Thanksgiving

I love how supermarkets are stepping up their game. It’s not enough anymore to have good products in an attractive environment, or to offer special deals. No, now they’re offering more to entice consumers, from recipes to mobile apps and Facebook pages that offer localized deals.

Safeway has really gone all out on their Holiday Inspirations micro site.

There are pages and pages of gorgeous photos to inspire you, with recipes, tips and tricks for maximizing your time, and even decorating and entertaining ideas. And wine pairings!

I’m always wanting help to not just get things done, but do them with style. You know, MomStyle. This site helps by offering ideas and inspiration.

This salad not only sounds like an awesome balance for the Thanksgiving meal, but it's SOOO PRETTY. Definitely adding it to the list!

I used to make something like this every year, but I sort of forgot about them. I think the kids would love making these!

Less time in the oven = More time for other things!

One feature on the Safeway Holiday Inspirations site is a their “exclusive” 2-Hour Turkey instructions. Two hours? I was just listening to a guy on NPR talking about a dry salt rub on a turkey, then roasting it at really high heat for a shorter amount of time. That goes against everything I’ve ever known or thought about roasting a turkey, but I’m anxious to try the high-heat/short-time method. I mean sheesh, if the oven doesn’t have to be tied up all day, that’s a good thing! Plus, I’m sure it’s more energy-efficient and you know I’m all for that.

The Safeway Chef Assistant mobile app walks you through the turkey process, complete with a timer. Unfortunately for my Android-using self, it’s only for iPhone & iPad for now, but I downloaded it on the iPad and I plan to use it in the kitchen. It has several shopping-help features that would be great on a smart phone while you’re actually at the store, I’ll just have to wait for the Android version!
Safeway has offered one of my readers a chance to win a $100 gift card! Aren’t we all so lucky?

{super easy Rafflecopter giveaway!}

Happy Thanksgiving,

Disclaimer: I received a gift in exchange for this post. No other compensation was received and the opinions here are my own.



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28 responses to “Holiday Inspirations: Help for Thanksgiving

  1. Pingback: Congratulations to the winner of the Safeway $100 Gift Card! | Mostly Mommyhood

  2. Tracy Robertson

    I love the gift card deals that Safeway has during the holidays and I take advantage of them every year since they started! This year I bought a $100 gift card (I chose Sears, but there are a lot of participating stores) and received $15 off of $50 in Safeway as a bonus for buying the gift card. So I got $15 off the food I needed to buy anyway, and I spent the $100 Sears shopping on black Friday (which I would have spent $100 at Sears anyway). That is over now, but they have a $10 in free groceries going on with a $100 in participating gift card purchases right now.

  3. Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  4. jeff swan

    looking forward to seeing you guys on friday

  5. We are straying from the turkey tradition this year and making two pork roasts! So, instead of my usual cranberry mustard sauce, I’ll be trying an apple and fig chutney. Not only will this be my first chutney, but I’m morphing together a couple of recipes (my usual practice) to get all the spices and vinegary flavors I want!

  6. Karen Booze

    I love the blog Krista, and the food, thanks for thinking about the gift card raffle it looks fun, I am going to start to follow you more!!!

  7. Anne K.

    Asparagus Beet salad… YUM! I may have to surprise my mother and bring this to our Thanksgiving celebration!

  8. Just another case of Android discrimination. If my mother in law weren’t cooking, I might be upset. As long as I can use that $100.00 Safeway card for wine because I did mention I was going to my in laws, right?

  9. So did LMFAO really dance in front of the house? About the food… I’m looking forward to Friday. We trying the short-time cooking idea on Friday?

  10. We don’t do turkey, but I love the look of that salad!

  11. We make use of the white pumpkins in decorating for the holidays as well

  12. Chrissy R.

    You are soooo much more creative than me and I really appreciate all of your ideas. Looking forward to hearing how the high-heat/short-time method works-I’m still too nervous to try it with the in-laws around!

    • It’s easy to do some of these impressive-looking decorations, follow the links for step-by-step directions!
      I’ll post how the turkey goes, we’ll be doing that on Friday.

  13. I adore pumpkins of all colors and sizes! The candle in the baby pumpkins are festive and I love them!!

  14. I would love to win this. Safeway has everything for affordable prices. It is my favorite grocery store!!

  15. Nicole Poole

    Those Candles are amazing, and a great way to get the kids involved with the decorations, I know my son will LOVE to help make them!

  16. Kym

    Thanks for the post. Wonderful ideas. I am going to try the turkey recipe out this year. Love easier ways to enjoy the company and not spend so much time in the kitchen. THANKS!!!!

    • I’m totally with you about spending less time working and more time with the family! Even though my mom and I love cooking together, it will be nice to not be so stressed about what happens next with the turkey. 🙂

  17. Rita Norton

    About 3 yrs ago I go the idea of the high-heat/short-time method from Safeway and have used it ever since. It is a yummy way to prepare the turkey. Helpful hint, make sure your oven is clean before you start this process!!

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