My Icebreaker Haul!

I took time out of a busy day to squeeze in a trip to the Icebreaker Friends and Family sale last week. I scored some awesome deals, of course! The total retail value of my 8 items was $400. I got them all for $120!

My pile! Two tops for me, one each for Brian & Anna (sorry, Eric!) and four pair of socks.

I was hoping for some base-layer pants, and/or pants I could use running. I couldn’t get to the sale until early afternoon, so if there were any bottoms there I missed them. At the time, I thought… “Oh well!” But after my rainy rainy run yesterday, I’m convinced I need to just invest in some at full price!

I got so incredibly wet, running in the rain for 45 minutes. But remarkably, my inner layer of Icebreaker (the red sleeveless athletic top in the picture above) was dry! Can you believe it? Before I took my outer layer off, I would have sworn that I was wet all the way through. Two layers of Icebreaker seems to do the trick. So yes. I need pants! I love the new running top, not only for keeping me dry, but also because it has a pocket on the back. Ostensibly for an Mp3 player, but I used it for my phone. It kept my phone dry, which is always a concern. If you do want to use it for an Mp3 player, check out the cool loop at the back neck for keeping your ear buds corralled!

I think my very best score, however, was this great sweater for Anna. It was only $15, and I’m kicking myself for not buying several more of them.

Anna in her new Icebreaker sweater, Eric being Eric.

When I showed her the sleeve detail, she looked a little confused:

But then I explained that the thumb holes made so her hands could stay warm while she plays on the monkey bars… and her face lit up! I think she was just delighted that I’m willing to be supportive of her monkey bar addiction.

This sweater is officially called a “Tech Top” and it retails for $70!

Anna wore it all weekend, so now I’ve got to do some laundry, quick. The really great thing about all Icebreaker products is that not only do they repel body odor and are breathable yet warm, they are totally NOT itchy! It’s amazing, really.  I don’t know how they do it.

Sustainable, comfortable, and incredibly utilitarian. And cute to boot!

To quote my dear old friend Carol, “BUSWAD!” (Bundle Up, Stay Warm And Dry)



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5 responses to “My Icebreaker Haul!

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  2. Running in Mommyland

    I haven’t tried Icebreaker. I think I’m nervous about washing the merino. Is that silly?

  3. Wow, sounds like some awesome deals!

    • I totally scored, but if you’re active, Icebreaker is worth the cost at full price. It’s expensive, though. I think I should approach them about sponsorship! 🙂

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