Congratulations to the winner of the Safeway $100 Gift Card!

Last week, I was thrilled that Safeway offered my readers a chance to win a $100 Gift Card. I was also pretty happy to learn about their Holiday Inspirations micro site! From there, I downloaded an app for the iPad that helped walk us through the turkey cooking process. My mom and I have cooked enough turkeys together that I was skeptical about needing an app, but I wanted to try their 2-hour turkey (high heat/short time) method, and this app took us through step by step. The best part of it, though? Whenever a timer would go off, if gobbled. How can you not love it?

Ms. Turkey came out of the oven with perfectly moist and wonderful breasts. Yes, I know how that sounds. The deep insides where the legs connected were not quite done all the way (our thermometer would have told us that if it hadn’t been broken), but that was actually perfect for throwing in a stock pot after dinner. We collect all of our vegetable ends and pieces and the giblets and start the stock pot while we’re cooking all day.

So Thanksgiving was a hit for us, partly thanks to the help from Safeway! And now one of you gets a little help from Safeway as well. This is my first giveaway, and I’m really excited because this is such a great prize!  Rafflecopter managed the giveaway, and they randomly chose from all the entries.

(Turkey) Drum(stick) roll…

Nicole Poole!

@nikipoole’s tweet from November 21 was the winning entry.

Nicole had great odds, because she tweeted about the giveaway almost every day! Thanks, Nicole, and thank you to everyone for visiting and participating!


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