Deck the Trees with Boughs of Popcorn

We were feeling crafty, but wanting to enjoy a little nature on this rainy day, so we made popcorn and cranberry garlands for the birds and squirrels. We were fortunate enough to have our friend Yashi spend the weekend with us, so she showed us how to make the popcorn & cranberry garlands. She makes them every year with her mom, and I think we will be doing that now as well!

It looked more fun to drape them like this, but Yashi wisely pointed out that the animals would have an easier time eating it if it's wrapped around a branch.

I think the popcorn will quickly get soggy, but the kids are now thinking a lot more about backyard wildlife and what they need to survive the winter. This also inspired some pine cone bird feeders. More about that later!

The popcorn cranberry garlands couldn’t have been easier, and feel so festive for the holidays. We’ll see how long they last, we may have to make more garlands next week!

Biggish needle



Fresh cranberries

Popcorn, either air-popped  or popped in the pan. I don’t seem to have an air  popper any more (I know, right? What happened to that thing??) so we popped corn in the pan:
2T (ish) of peanut oil, enough popcorn to cover the bottom of the pan in one layer. Covered, keep shaking the pan until all the corn is popped.


Yashi and her demonstration garland

I automatically cut off lengths of thread for each kid, but Yashi pointed out that if you leave the thread attached to the spool, you can keep sliding the popcorn and cranberries down the thread to make the garland as long as you like. I think this is a really smart way to do it if you want to make long strands.

Eric quickly lost interest in the project, but Anna was fascinated with the idea of “sewing popcorn.” She had a great time practicing her needle & thread skills.

Since Anna enjoyed this “sewing” project so much, we’ll have to research other items to put on garlands for our urban wildlife.

Anna takes her "sewing" very seriously!

After we made several garlands, we added salt to the remaining popcorn and ate it while watching a movie.  You’ve got to love crafts you can snack on!

Happy holidays,



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4 responses to “Deck the Trees with Boughs of Popcorn

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  3. I love this idea! So much fun.

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