Seen at the Preschool {MomStyle}


How adorable is Jenny Denton? This mom of 2 boys knows how to be stylish and feminine. The leggings under a dress are cute and practical for cold weather and helping in the classroom. The vintage-esque scarf is the perfect touch, and I’m dying for her tiny feather barrette. Nicely played, Jenny!



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8 responses to “Seen at the Preschool {MomStyle}

  1. Super cute! I’ve started thinking about buying leggings…jenny’s outfit may have convinced me to do it!

  2. Jeana

    I really like her scarf. I’m into making scarfs right now!!! I’m off to find that pattern!!! Love your blogs keep on blogn!!

  3. A classic tan coat with black….my fav color combo!

  4. I love a warm, fashionable scarf! And Krista, I just awarded you a Liebster Blog Award. You can see the details here:

    • Isn’t it? I hope she doesn’t mind me telling the world this, but Jenny was concerned that a button was missing on her coat, but she had it covered with the cute scarf. Since having two children myself, I’m terrible about replacing buttons and little details like that that take time. I love the fabulous MomStyle work-around!

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