Eye will try something new!

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I fear getting stuck in a rut with my makeup. You know how it is – when you’re in a hurry in the morning, you just quickly do what you do every day. Before you know it, you haven’t changed your makeup since 1996. Because of my silly fear of looking dated, I like to experiment – especially with eye makeup. I pay attention to ads and trends and try to copy the ones I like. Some – like Drew Barrymore’s brightly-colored smoky eyes in the Cover Girl ads – I just ignore. Do you blame me? Love ya, Drew, but no.

Maybe it’s just my obsession with Pan Am that makes me notice it, but I am IN LOVE with the subtle cat-eye makeup I’ve been seeing everywhere. The goal with this kind of look is not to have a giant wing coming off your eye, but to accentuate the upper lid in a sultry, subtle way.

I for one can’t just do eyeliner – I need a little more definition and shading on my lids than that. So here’s what I used:

I’ve long been intrigued by the HiP line of makeup colors, but was a little intimidated by the concept of “High Intensity Pigment.” Since I was looking for a good eyeliner, it seemed like a good time to try it. That little brush came with it, which was easier to use than your typical pencil eyeliner. It’s much more forgiving, and doesn’t pull on the skin.

This HiP makeup allowed me to trace the area that I wanted done, then layer on the color until it was just right.

I lined the upper lash line from the mid-eye outward, then started from the outside and swept the color in to make the "wing." Boy, my skin sure does look old and wrinkly!

Notice how far it appears to “wing” out from the side when my eye is almost closed:

I thought that looked pretty dramatic, but...

It doesn't look like much when my eyes are open!

I like this look because it’s contemporary (even though it’s inspired by the 60s!) and something new and different for me, but it’s subtle enough to not look costume-y. I think I’ll try to wing it out a little bit more next time to see how it changes when my eyes are open – since I don’t tend to walk around with half-closed lids…

What new things are trying with your makeup these days?


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  1. Jeana

    Thanks for tip I’m going to try it!!!

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