Kangol Kid

I bought the most amazing hat many years ago. I just loved it, but I asked if there were any that didn’t have the logo on it. I’m just not a big logo-on-my-forehead kind of gal. The haberdasher looked at me funny, and said, “Miss, most people buy this brand of hat because of the logo.”

I said, “Whatevs,” and splurged on the hat anyway, because I loved it so much. It was fuzzy! It was white! It totally showcased my eyes! I swear it made me skinnier, too!

Someone stole that thing right off my desk at work one day. So. Not. Cool.

Fortunately, I have a very kind little brother and some friends, who all went in on a replacement hat for me. I wore it for several years, but it’s been kind of languishing in the winter gear bag for a few years.

Until now…


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  1. Krista, have you checked out the mommy tattoo phenom? Covered on GMA this am. . . is it happening in Portland? I’m not a big fan of body art. . . but I saw one of a mommy elephant leading a baby elephant with her tail.
    Others with complete family geneology. . . .

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