Breakfast with my “Pedicure Girls”

A group of girlfriends used to gather monthly for pedicures, so I’ve always called our little group, “The Pedicure Girls.” It’s been a while since we’ve met regularly for pedicures, but we stay connected in each others lives, and I know they are always here for me if I need them. It’s such a sweet blessing to have long-term friends in my life!

One of our traditions is a gift exchange over breakfast. We debate every year over the “bring a gift for everyone” or “bring one gift for exchange.”

We finally agreed it makes the most sense to bring one gift to exchange, but inevitably one or two people bring something for everyone. It’s all good.

We had a lovely breakfast at Milo’s City Café. We all live in close-in Northeast, so we’re usually here or at Alameda Café.

I love Milo’s and since I’ve been on an Eggs Benedict kick since Easter, I’ve been working on perfecting their version with crab cakes. I ordered it once “as is,” and was disappointed to learn that it is served with Sauce Bearnaise.  Blech. Too heavy. So this time I ordered it with the traditional Hollandaise sauce, and it was DELIGHTFUL. Crab just needs lemon, right?

I love holiday traditions with my friends!



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  1. This is what i am talking girls… that is fun right there.. !!!!!

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