ID bracelets add a level of security to traveling with kiddos

When Brian suggested we get oldschool-style metal ID bracelets for the kids when we went to Disney World, I thought, “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Simple and functional, and only about $10 each.

We both still have our identification bracelets from when we were kids, engraved with our names, addresses and phone numbers. Mine has a sunshine on the front. Of course.

We ordered bracelets for the kids from The fronts have their first name, the backs have Brian’s name and mobile number and my name and mobile number. We got both bracelets for about $22 including shipping.

We made the kids wear their bracelets every day on our trip. We talked about what to do if they got separated from us: hold still, remain calm. Our names and phone numbers are on the back of your bracelet.

We never had to use them in the parks themselves – Eric got lost one day at Magic Kingdom, but he was lost, not us. He didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with him wandering around on his own. We were frantically searching for him for hours minutes, and thanks to the awesome and professional cast members, were able to find him fairly quickly.

We did get to test the bracelets on our last day. Brian and I were busy packing up the room at All Star Movies, and since we were so close to the giant Toy Story structures, we let the kids play outside unsupervised. I know, you can judge us if you want. Our scariest moments as parents have happened when we’re in a hurry and not paying close enough attention to the parasites.

Brian got a call on his phone, some guy asked him if he was missing an Eric. “No…” Brian says, “He’s right here…”

Shit, he’s not right here. And he’s not right out there….

Eric had gotten turned around trying to come back to our room from the giant toys (50′ away, btw), and *crying* was looking all around for us. This man asked him if he was lost, and Eric nodded yes, and held up his wrist to show the guy his bracelet. Kid and parents reunited. We didn’t even know he was missing – how scary is that?? But the bracelet worked, dammit – it worked!

Anna doesn’t think her bracelet is very comfortable, but asked us recently what she should do if she’s lost and doesn’t have her bracelet on. So I may look into a girlier version that she’s willing to wear all the time. Not that the bracelet should replace her knowing our phone number, but it can’t hurt.

Here is a prettier version available, it just didn’t seem necessary for our trip, but I will probably get one for Anna before too long:

Prettier version, available via Amazon for about $30

Have you used identification bracelets when traveling with your kids to Disney World or anywhere else? Frankly, I feel safer at Disney World than most places – the staff there really is amazing – but I never want to be complacent about my childrens’ safety.

Safe travels,


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4 responses to “ID bracelets add a level of security to traveling with kiddos

  1. Jeana

    Wow!!! What a great idea!! I will tell all my friends w little kids. If they wear it at all times maybe it can even help them learn the phone numbers, u know work on it while driving in car ect….

    I was once a judger before I had kids, lol. When I went to Disney last with a 2 year old we got one of those backpack leash things. Best thing ever. Will never judge again. Gave my daughter the freedom to walk around and my the piece of mind she couldn’t go far!!!
    Now if I could only get a backpack leash for my 15 year old!!!

    • I remember wearing my oldschool one all the time, I don’t think I ever took it off. I feel better about that than those creepy insurance salesmen who want to collect kids fingerprints…

  2. I got my boys military ‘dog tags’ at the local Army Navy surplus store. @ of them with ball chain necklaces cost all of $15.00. They wore them always when we were going someplace like Disneyland, or on school field trips. And my oldest asked where it was since he was getting ready to take a class trip to Washington DC. He liked the idea that he could be identified and I could be called if GOD FORBID he passed out or something worse. Bravo to you for going ‘old school’ and getting these for your kids too 🙂

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