Winterize the Workout #Mamavation Monday

MamavationI run.

If you don’t think that is crazy enough, I run in the early morning. 5:30 or 6 a.m., Monday through Friday.

I run with mamas who live in my neighborhood, and while we run we talk about our kids, our work, our husbands, our goals, fashion, dogs, weather, vacation plans, skin care, hormones… you get the picture. Chatting about life makes the miles fly by, and having a set time and meet-up scheduled provides accountability. You know it’s true – it’s so easy to bail on a workout if nobody else is expecting to see you.

As the weather has gotten colder, I’ve had to change my attire a bit, but little else. Once you accept that you’re going to get wet, running in the rain isn’t bad. My Icebreaker gear helps a lot, both in wet and cold conditions. I’ve run in temperatures as cold as 16 degrees F, and as long as my ears and head are covered, it’s totally manageable.

The key for me is to wear close-fitting, preferably merino layers. No cotton. When it’s really cold, I warm up a bit inside the house first (as opposed to outside).

Snow might be a different story. I’ve never run in snow, but if we get some I’m planning on trying it out. I have those low-profile slip-on crampons that might work on my running shoes.

Now that I have Jack to run with me, I need to consider his safety if it gets really cold. Do I need to get the dog to warm up inside the house before running in below-freezing temps? I have no idea! But I love having him run with me, so I need to check into that. Maybe he just needs these protective doggie boots: affiliate linkWhat do you do to winterize your workout? Do you make any changes?

Happy running,

This post is sponsored by MyInfoGuardian and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women.



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8 responses to “Winterize the Workout #Mamavation Monday

  1. Jessi

    If it snows, I’d definitely get the boots. The ice can cut up his paws.

  2. Your ability to run no matter what the weather is, is inspiring. When I try to do things with friends, we always end up using each other as excuses to not go. 😦 Enjoy running with the snow falling, I have done that before. It is really invigorating and I am not a runner.

  3. You’re right, having a group with a meet up time would make it harder to not workout. I’d love to have that here. Your running is inspirational – running when it is cold out is an excuse I think a lot of people use to get out of it.

  4. i love this post. mostly because i was planning a similar post this-past fall, but just, well, didn’t do it. i live in portland and run, too: early in the a.m. when it’s dark, cold, and uninviting. and got over my pansy-ness a few of years ago and made up my mind to run outdoors, with dog in tow, year round. and gearing up is what makes it doable. the rei beanie (covers my ears!) with a cutout for my ponytail is my latest and greatest winter-running must have. happy running!

    • Samantha, that is awesome! I will have to go check out that REI hat. Having my Icebreaker clothes really makes the difference for me in the cold.
      Happy running, indeed!

  5. Way to go, mama! Having that kind of motivation is inspiring!

  6. Wow! I’m so impressed! 5:30am? In the cold? In the rain? In the snow?That’s dedication! I have a home gym…I’m into kettlebell workouts at the moment…that’s subject to change any day tho. Not as dedicated. 😦 Wishing you a Healthier & Happier New Year!

  7. I don’t think the dog should have a problem except you will need to watch his paws. I read a great article about caring for them if they walk on ice melt and such (things I never thought about). I’ll see if I can remember where I saw it.
    I wish there was a group of moms here to hang with during a walk or run in my neighborhood. That would be a blast! You are certainly hardcore for the fitness 🙂 Have fun and be safe!!

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