Lost Goggles = Anger Issues

I’m thinking I need to take out stock on Speedo, because in the past year I have bought over 15 pairs of goggles.  Three kids on swim team- 15 pairs of goggles.  You do the math.  Granted, 5 of those pairs were just purchased this past week IN BULK, because I was just so tired of rushed trips to Big 5 on the way to practice when the offending child realizes the goggles are missing – again.  Now I have a stash of goggle and swim cap supplies.  $13 dollars a pair of goggles.  $10 dollars per swim cap.  Pay up or do those flip turns blind.

So yes, I’m frustrated, even though I make the kids pay to replace them, I just feel hopeless that they will EVER get responsible.

We have it down at school.  I’ve made it a policy from day 1 of kindergarten to never take them the things they forget.  If they forget their homework, better to learn in 2nd grade that mom is not going to come to your rescue.  No sweatshirt- if it is cold, well, they remember the next day.  Totally works.  I’m all about tough love I guess- in the case of responsibility I want them to have it down by middle school.  No nagging, nothing.  Done.

That had all been going great… and then came swim team.  We had never really done a sport before (music people here), so the gear thing is new to us.  Do all sports require a lot of gear?  I don’t know.  With swimming there are a lot of small things to remember.  You’ve got the goggles, swimsuit, towel, cap, shampoo, conditioner, and flip-flops.  We have lost at least 2 to 3 of  all of these items- and it is killing me.  It is almost as bad as my irrational “problem” with table spills (another blog post in the making)- I know that logically, these things happen, but my emotional response is completely, outrageously, noisy and long and I definitely say things I regret.

I am wondering if I should just chill.  Lost your flip-flops?  Cool, no worries.  Goggles?  Awesome.  Swim cap?  That was a lame color anyway.  Maybe that would work.  Making them pay me back, lecturing, acting disappointed, and having major anger issues towards swimming pools just is not working.

It’s hard being a mom sometimes.




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4 responses to “Lost Goggles = Anger Issues

  1. Hi, I found you on All Things Chic. I started swimming when I was 5 and swam all the way through college on a scholarship! When I would leave the pool or home I would think “swimsuit,googles, cap” as long as I had those I knew I was good. I do the same still but now it’s “diapers,milk, wipes” 🙂

    • Swimsuit, goggles, cap, swimsuit, goggles, cap… I will repeat this to my children the entire drive to practice tomorrow. Very good advice. 🙂

  2. Andrea

    I can’t wait to read about your table spills anger issues. I bet you’re not the only one.
    Maybe the kids need a checklist before they leave the pool. Definitely frustrating and I get the anger sometimes too.

    • Yes- checklist. Checklist! Very good idea. I have to say, I’m not sure you really want to hear about my spillage anger problems. It is a very ugly business. 🙂

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