Amenity Shoes: Perfect #MomStyle?

My early morning runs often take me my Amenity Shoes on NE 41st just off Fremont in Portland, Oregon. My girlfriends and I often stop to gawk at the shoes and boots in the windows, but I’ve never actually gone in the store. Between work and kids and everything, I just don’t get out shopping very much! Plus I’m frugal as all get out, so that doesn’t help.

But today I saw such adorable shoes that are just what I’ve been looking for, so I just have to go check them out! For years, I’ve been looking for “in between” shoes. Shoes to wear to the farmers’ market, to the library with the kiddles, on weekends, on a casual date night… More stylish than sneakers or sandals, not as fussy as work shoes. I call this limbo place “MomStyle,” and I apply it to all areas of fashion and beauty. But clothes and beauty products haven’t been as hard for me to nail down that limbo area as shoes have been. I have yet to find my perfect MomStyle shoes.

Until today! I think Amenity Shoes has stocked a slew of perfection just waiting for me and all the other stylish moms in Portland.

I took a few pictures from the window so you can see what caught my eye from the sidewalk!

These red shoes caught my eye from the sidewalk. I need every pair in this window, I'm telling you!

I love that these shoes are fun and interesting, have a bit of a heel, but nothing precarious. Perfect MomStyle! I would wear any of these with neutrals, jeans, a dress & tights, even to work.  I’m in love!

These will all be fabulous when the rain stops... You have got to love a wedge for carrying you all over town being super mom!

I’m making a strong effort to actually go inside the store soon. I’ll report back on what I find!

Yours in {mom}style,



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