Pajama dressing? I can get in to this.


I’m always looking through the runway shows to see what trends can be interpreted for my life. Sometimes I can just pull some things out of storage, or buy one or two inexpensive pieces to update my wardrobe and keep me in style. One trend that popped up several times in the Spring ready to wear shows was loose, flowy fashions otherwise known as “pajama dressing,” according to Rachel Zoe’s team.

Now… I am not about to go out and buy some pajama jeans. Seriously, I’m not. But loose, elegant clothes that look chic? Sounds like perfection to me! I’m always in search of what I call #MomStyle: effortless fashion that resides somewhere between sneakers and high heels. Between yoga and the workplace. It’s casual yet chic, effortless yet pulled together. You with me?

So “Pajama Dressing” seems like it might work for me – the key would be to keeping it looking neat and not sloppy. Here are a few looks from the runways:

Doo.Ri – Spring 2012 Ready to Wear

I like the simplicity and the silhouette of that black jumper. So chic and easy, and it’s casual without actually looking like pajamas.

ADAM • Spring 2012 ready-to-wear

I am a complete sucker for polka dots!

ADAM • Spring 2012 ready-to-wear

OK, I think that floral number looks a little too much like actual pajamas. Complete with the nightmare of an exposed breast. Go back to sleep!

So… How to translate this trend into real #MomStyle life? I don’t currently have any palazzo pants – who knew that was coming back? But I do have a pair of purple silk pants that I picked up at a Naked Lady Party.

My purple silk pants look nothing like this. I promise.

I’ll play around in the closet and let you know what I come up with for my actual purple pants. In the meantime, here are some other pajama fashions I found around the web:

I'd style this with a silk blazer with the sleeves rolled up, and some long necklaces. For a more casual look like going to the farmers market, maybe just a big scarf wrapped around the neck and a fun hat.

Rory Beca Women’s Drawstring Waist Jumpsuit in Black

I really. really. love these pants! To balance all the crazy drapey pockets, I'd wear this with a simple, close-fitting silk t-shirt or tank, and keep the shoes low and simple as well. Love!

DKNY Women’s Silk Khaki Cropped Cargo Gaucho Pants with Sash

What do you think? Can you imagine working a little pajama-esque style into your spring wardrobe?


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