#Strut, The Fashionable Moms Show

For the first time, one of the fashion shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City focused on style for moms. Real moms, some of them professional models but most of them bloggers, walked the runway in various styles, from maternity to casual dresses to cocktail attire.

I was very excited about this, not only because I’ve met some of the bloggers involved (and they are VERY fashionable), but because I’m a firm believer in “MomStyle,” that effortlessly stylish place that exists between yoga pants and work attire.

But to be perfectly honest, I didn’t think the fashions chosen were particularly inspired based just on the video. The moms all looked great, but I thought the “collection” lacked a theme or a vision, you know – like “that effortlessly stylish place that exists between yoga pants and office attire.”

But then I saw some of the stills from the show, and everything looked amazing! Interesting separates, great accessories. So I’m not sure why the video only seems to show the last little bit of the show. I want to see more! Maybe next year I’ll get to attend the actual event. There’s an idea!

I love the concept of this show. I hope there is more attention given towards easy, chic fashion that works in a busy mom’s life. It’s a start, right?

Here is the show. Tell me what you think! Strut, The Fashionable Moms Show

And here are a few of my favorite looks from the stills, thanks to Vera Sweeney from Lady & The Blog for posting the pics:

Nothing like some bright pants to make an outfit pop!

The striped jacket makes the green-on-blue possible, and I love the possibilities of this outfit. Well played, Vera!



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2 responses to “#Strut, The Fashionable Moms Show

  1. It’s about time that moms become a target audience!! I like the pics you posted!

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