Rosarito Beach in Baja: a food excursion

Have you ever had a vacation where you just eat the whole time?

I didn’t know that’s what our trip to Rosarito would be when I planned it as a surprise for Brian’s birthday one year. At first, I didn’t want to tell him my plans in case I couldn’t make it work. I had heard about amazingly affordable resort deals in northern Baja, and it just seemed to good to be true. But once I nailed down the details (it really is value-priced!), it had become this big secret, and I decided to keep it going.

A few days before the trip, he said, “I just need to know when we are leaving.” I told him we had to be at the airport at 9 a.m., and he looked shocked. “The AIRPORT?” That’s when I knew my surprise was going to work. I packed for both of us, hid his passport with mine, and off we went!

I had a driver meeting us at the airport in San Diego, and once we got in the car, I showed him a brochure for Rosarito Beach Hotel and he was so excited!

courtesy of Rosarito Beach Hotel

We spent a wonderful four days eating, relaxing, eating, exploring, eating, and enjoying each other. We would have huevos chilequiles for breakfast, then walk around, go swimming, then around lunchtime we’d see a taco stand.

“We should have some tacos, those smell amazing!”
“Yes, but I’m still full from breakfast…. but TACOS!” So we’d eat the tacos. Then walk, swim, relax, explore.

Courtesy of Rosarito Beach HotelThen at dinner… “That lobster looks so good!”
“Ugh, I’m still full from lunch.”
“But it’s LOBSTER!”

Puerto Nuevo Lobster has it's own website, it's that good & famous! You can see the lobster is split and grilled – that is what makes it "Puerto Nuevo Style"

A highlight was a cab ride down to Puerto Nuevo, a hotspot for the “Puerto Nuevo style lobster.” We had the best dinner perhaps of our lives.  $11 a person bought us each a margarita, tortilla soup, salad, rice & beans, tortillas, chips & salsa, and a lobster. EACH! Everything was amazing, but the tortilla soup haunted me. I spent several months trying different recipes and perfecting my version until it took us back to Puerto Nuevo and that fun long weekend we spent at Rosarito Beach.

I hope to surprise Brian with a trip again sometime (or better yet – be surprised by Brian with a trip!), but we’ll always have fond memories of our mini vacation. And every time I make tortilla soup, we get to relive it!

It’s easy to get to Rosarito Beach from San Diego. We hired a car to drive us down, but  once we were there we saw how easy and economical it was to use the buses, so we did that on our way back to San Diego.

Bus from San Diego Airport to American Plaza (transfer to Trolley Blue Line). There is only one bus, so don’t sweat it too much. ($5)

Trolley Blue Line south to San Ysidro Transit Center. (same fare)

Mexicoach from San Ysidro Transit Center to Rosarito Beach Hotel. ($4)

Next up: My tortilla soup recipe!


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