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rhoid balm: it’s not just for your a-hole

Got a pain in your tushie? Annoying, pestering bug bites?

I’ve been telling so many people about this product lately that I figured I’d better share here.

First, let me say that I really used this product for it’s intended purpose while I was pregnant. Two weeks of Preparation H and every other over the counter solution I could find, with absolutely no relief. Imagine being 9 months pregnant, and nothing will ease the pain in the tushie that you can barely even reach! I bought the Motherlove brand Rhoid Balm at Whole Foods, and my life was changed. Within a few days, rhoids were gone.

Fast forward 8 months to the following spring. The mostly-unused vial of Rhoid Balm in my cabinet has been almost forgotten, until I overheard someone recommending Prep H for mosquito bites.


The indications are for “redness, itching and swelling,”

Why not use it for mosquito bites? If Preparation H couldn’t stand up to the Rhoid Balm for actual rhoids, why would it be any better on bites? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against Preparation H per se, other than it did squat for me when I needed it most.

But I’ve got to tell you, Rhoid Balm is AWESOME for bug bites. I’ve since recommended it for everything from actual hemorrhoids to bites to stress hives. Anything red & itchy, actually.

According to Mother Love’s website, the Rhoid Balm is, “An all natural herbal balm that effectively soothes and relieves the discomfort and itch often associated with hemorrhoids. Motherlove’s rhoid balm has a zero rating (zero toxins) on EWG’s skin deep database and is made with 100% certified organic ingredients.”

Don’t let the name hold you back. You don’t have to be a mother, and you don’t have to have rhoids. But trust me, this stuff is awesome. I’ve got your back(side) on this one.


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