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Rebirth of the Fairy Garden {Wordless Wednesday}

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a dread of dirt or filth

My children clearly do not suffer from this!



We’ve been doing a lot of work in the yard, and the places where the kids can freely dig are becoming fewer and farther between. We’ll keep a section for them for as long as they want a place to dig. I have no problem with dirty kids, and I love that they are eager to play and help plant things and stay engaged with the garden. The Fairy Garden helps, of course! Click on “Fairy Garden” in the tag cloud to the right for more posts and pictures about that project.

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Glitter in the Fairy Garden

The kids thought the fairies would appreciate some bling in the garden, so out came the glitter.
We just recently redecorated with a bag of old jewelry I found in the basement. I think I picked it up at a garage sale or something, because I certainly never wore any of this! The fairies seem to like it well enough.







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The First Day of the Fairy Garden

{Originally posted on kristamamaswan.blogspot.com on April 12, 2011. Since the Fairy Garden has grown up so much, I wanted to show how it started. Watch for more posts on the latest developments!}

I’m building a fairy garden with my kids and one of our neighbor kids. I should say, I’m building it for me and occasionally I remember to try to include them. They are all loving it, actually, and I’m looking forward to us having this project to tinker with all summer.
It started with some cutesy little flowers I picked up at the Trillium Festival a few weeks back. When I started adding them to the trillium, columbine and maidenhair fern I bought at last year’s festival, it all seemed so delicate and whimsical. And a fairy garden was born…
Half the fun has been seeking treasures and found objects to add to it. I raided my “I’ll fix this someday” box of broken jewelry and pulled out some treasures that I know I’m not really going to fix.

Here’s our progress so far. I have to agree with our neighbor girl and co-creator when she says, “Now I just wish we could make ourselves small so we could play in the garden!”

The "Great House" meeting hall (in process), with earring chandelier & jeweled bracelet fence and the beginning of the twig boardwalk.We chose these little white flowers because they look exactly like what we think fairy dresses should be. I. Love. Them.

While we were working, an actual ladybug flew in to enjoy the garden. This seemed auspicious!

Anna creating her "Jeweled Flower"

The Frog Bard, serenading the soon-to-come dancing fairies

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Happy Fairy Gardening,



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Moonlight in the Fairy Garden {Wordless Wednesday}


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