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Treasure Map (Wordless Wednesday)

Anna has been watching a lot of Jake & The Neverland Pirates on Disney Junior, and now she has the whole neighborhood making treasure maps for each other. I found this one in our mailbox.

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Muffin top. Muffin. Top. Muffintop. EEEEeeewwww.

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Eye Was Wrong

My kid is smarter than me. I think I’m a smarty pants, but I clearly have a lot to learn from my five-year-old. Here’s just one example. If I’m not too embarrassed to share others, I might have to start a whole category of my kids besting me in the brains department.

Anna and I were washing our faces and brushing teeth before going to bed. Brian and Eric were both out, so we were having a fun girls-only night.

I used a new cleanser I had just purchased. OH, it made my eyes burn to the point that I couldn’t see. Burning, on fire. Cursing the woman who sold it to me as “gentle enough to use on your eyes,” (curse you!) it was all I could do to pry my eyes open to scrape the contacts off my eyes. Even without the contacts in my eyes, however, I still couldn’t see. With my eyes scrunched up I started fumbling down the hall.

Anna grabbed my hand and led me to my bed. So sweetly, she warned me before I stepped on the dog.

I thought I just needed a few minutes. Eyeballs heal quickly, right? Just give it a few minutes?


Anna’s solution to anyone being in physical pain is always to offer ice. It’s kind of funny, actually. She screamed in Brian’s ear once, and when he complained about it hurting his ears, she brought him a bag of ice.  So she suggested that she should go get me some ice for my eyes.

“No, honey. I just need to lay down while my eyes get better.”

“But I really think I need to get you some ice, Mama.”

“Sweetie, that’s so thoughtful, but really truly, ice is not going to help my eyeballs.”

“But Mama, can I please just go get some anyway?”

I finally realized that this was very important to Anna, and I needed to let her help. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that ice on eyeballs was not a good idea, but whatever. I’d let her get some. I could always put the ice on top of my eye pillow so it wouldn’t have to touch my eyes.

But you know what?

My little girl was right. Ice may not have been helpful after she screamed in Brian’s ear, but I was surprised at how quickly it helped my eyesonfire.  It kind of makes sense in retrospect.

Anna seems to get embarrassed whenever I tell people how smart and helpful she was, but I know that she’s proud of herself for insisting on following through with her solution. And I’m so very proud of her. I’m sure this is just one of many times when I’ll realize how much smarter she is than me.



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