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Eric’s Glasses

When Eric started asking me for glasses for Christmas, I thought he just wanted them because I was wearing my glasses more than contacts. He’s a stylish kid, often complimenting my outfits, or suggesting alternate accessories. So it was easy to pass off the glasses request as merely for fashion.

But then he asked for them a few more times over the course of the month, and kept bringing it up. Brian and I would try to quiz him to see if he could see things clearly, but we are certainly not trained in that area, and it’s hard to get a 4 year old to give detailed descriptions! I finally made an eye appointment for him and sure enough, he needs glasses!  I’m so glad we listened to him, because they said by catching it early, we may even be able to correct his (slight) farsightedness.

He had a lot of fun trying on all the different styles, but finally settled on these. Disney makes these kids glasses, and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they do. They’re lightweight and durable, and super cute handsome to boot. Leave it to Disney to infiltrate our lives yet again! These glasses are green, his favorite color, and the pattern reminds him of a race car. “Cars” and “Cars 2” being his favorite movies, he was sold.

Here’s my little guy with his new glasses:

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Why did I wait so long?

I’ve been threatening to cut Anna’s hair for a long time, but I didn’t really want to do it. Her hair was so beautiful, but finally out of desperation, I decided to chop it off. 

David at The National Beauty of course did such a wonderful job. You don’t expect someone who is so talented and fabulous to also be good with kids, but he was so sweet and patient with Anna. Dreamy!

Here is my little girl getting her hair chopped:

The "Before" pic...

Funny how the girl who screams whenever her hair is touched seemed to like having David comb her hair!

The blow out. Not something she's let me recreate.

The "After" pic: so cute!

Celebratory lunch at Jake's Grill post-cut

Her hair is even cute when David hasn't styled it!

And shorter hair is so much more convenient for this type of activity...

...and this type of activity!

So now that I see how cute Anna is with her new hair cut… and now that mornings are that much easier without all the screaming and crying and pleading… why did I wait so long to cut her hair off?

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I’m chopping it off!

I was terrified of looking like a boy when I was little. I understand now why my mom cut my hair short. It was down to my tushie when I was three, so she braided it and lopped the braids off. I refused to wear pants or shorts without a skirt over them for quite a while after that.

I’m sure I never looked like a boy, but I was unreasonably afraid.

Mom cut my hair short again in 3rd grade, I wore scarves around my neck to look more feminine. My grandma had given me a cute pack of 6 little neck scarves, and I wore one every day for most of 3rd grade.

I was remembering The Scarf Situation with my mom, and she apologized for cutting my hair short.

But you know what? She did what she had to do! I am cutting Anna’s hair today, dangit, because I’m so tired of the daily cry-fest every morning when I try to comb her hair.

I LOOOVE her hair. It’s so pretty and golden brown and wavy and gorgeous. But I just can’t deal any more. And, she can always grow it back.

Such a pretty girl!

We are looking at hairstyles online, and we found these that struck Anna’s fancy:

Anna calls this, "Wormy Hair"

We think this is cute, but still: too much combing!

We think this might work! Anna declares it, "Perfect!" and it's short enough that it won't be World War Hair every morning before school.

I couldn’t find any tapered bobs on kids pictures! Ultimately, I’ll trust David Scott‘s advice on the matter. David is a co-owner of The National Beauty. Not only does he cut and style several celebrities and trains stylists nation-wide, but he cuts and styles MY hair! I’m such a lucky girl. We’ll see what he has to say about Anna’s rat’s nest style options.

What do you think? Is Keira Knightly’s bob too sophisticated for an almost-six-year-old?



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