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That’s the wrong protein powder! {#Mamavation Monday}

Mamavation Anyone who knows me knows that I’m running a LOT these days. I’m determined not to get injured again – last year, I had some crazy sh*t going down with my piriformis, which caused my whole pelvis to get out of alignment. It was so bad, I was pronating on one foot, and supinating on the other!

I’ve been feeling some serious tightness around my hip again, so I’m stretching like crazy – pigeon pose, anyone? – and eating an anti-inflammation diet. Mostly.

The basics of the anti-inflammation diet are this:

Eat mostly foods that fight inflammation in your body (dark leafy greens, strawberries, blueberries, fish)

Eat only limited amounts of neutral foods (rice)

Avoid foods that cause inflammation (meat, dairy, corn, wheat, potatoes, alcohol, caffeine)

Not so hard, right? It really isn’t, actually. I have to be honest that I haven’t even attempted to give up alcohol and caffeine. But I’ve made some simple tweaks to rest of my usual diet, and lost 2 pounds in one week! Here’s a typical day:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, black beans and guacamole {super filling and tasty!}

Snack: Instead of Laughing Cow Light on a rice cake, I use almond butter. The almond butter is ground fresh at Winco – the kind that comes in a jar usually has extra ingredients, like palm oil and sugar. Not necessary! But check this out! The Laughing Cow container is perfect for carting around a rice cake without it crumbling into pieces!

I feel so smart for my clever transport!

Lunch: same as usual: salad & veggies, and since I’ve been eating more fish at dinner, I put some on my salad.

Snack: veggies with guacamole or hummus.

Dinner: fish, rice, salad and/or veggies.

BUT! I had a horrible realization. I’m avoiding dairy (except a little bit of cream in my morning coffee!), yet my protein powder is whey. It’s important to me to have a little protein shake before my 5:30 am runs. When I don’t get that burst of fuel before a run, I really slog through it. I don’t know why I didn’t realize that whey is dairy, but DUH.

I’ll keep eating the anti-inflammation foods the rest of the day, but as soon as I use up all that whey protein powder, I’m looking for an alternative that isn’t on my “avoid” list.  Someone suggested hemp protein, but all the reviews on Amazon say it tastes like dirt.

Does anyone have a favorite non-dairy protein powder I should try?


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{Mamavation Monday} Finding My Groove

Mamavation I am running up a storm over here. Last week, I ran 6 out of 7 days. I took a rest day on Friday, because I knew I wanted to run six miles on Saturday. I haveto start getting some distance in if I’m going to run a couple half marathons in May! My 3-4 milers 4x a week are awesome, but that’s not going to get me through back-to-back 13.1 milers!

My new shoes, except mine are grey & turquoise

I even went and bought new running shoes, because at 20+ miles per week, my old shoes were way overdue for a replacement. My new shoes are so bouncy!

I’m at the point now that I WANT to run, and with adding in the #2weekchallenge workouts, I’m starting to feel like a fitness addict. I find myself doing standing push-ups whenever I am leaning against a counter, or bouncing in place. I like how my body is feeling! Still no weight loss, but my body is changing. I can feel my gluteus medius muscles, and I had to look them up because I’ve never felt them before.

I feel like I’m finding a good groove for myself with my fitness. But the Mamavation question of the week isn’t about that kind of groove, is it? Our weekly question is, “What would make you feel sexier?” I have to admit I’m very uncomfortable talking about feeling sexy on the blog here!

I will say this: I love that fact that the Mamavation community is all about empowering women. Not just for fitness or health and weight management, but also to make sure we are taking care of our hearts and minds and emotions. It’s so smart! And helpful!

So back to the question…

Outwardly, I feel attractive when I’m pulled together: my clothes fit me well, I’m accessorized, my hair looks nice. I walk with confidence when I know I’ve taken a few quick moments to make sure my appearance is taken care of. If I feel good about how I look, I think other people notice. Internally, I feel sexiest when my husband tells me I’m beautiful, or on those days when he just can’t seem to stop touching me. It’s startling how simply being affectionate and loving throughout the day can rev those engines. So what would make me feel sexier? I guess more time! Time to take care of my appearance, and time with my husband. And I think that’s all I’m willing to say publicly on that topic!

This post is sponsored by Eden Fantasys and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation. Mamavation is an awesome community and you should check it out.


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Winterize the Workout #Mamavation Monday

MamavationI run.

If you don’t think that is crazy enough, I run in the early morning. 5:30 or 6 a.m., Monday through Friday.

I run with mamas who live in my neighborhood, and while we run we talk about our kids, our work, our husbands, our goals, fashion, dogs, weather, vacation plans, skin care, hormones… you get the picture. Chatting about life makes the miles fly by, and having a set time and meet-up scheduled provides accountability. You know it’s true – it’s so easy to bail on a workout if nobody else is expecting to see you.

As the weather has gotten colder, I’ve had to change my attire a bit, but little else. Once you accept that you’re going to get wet, running in the rain isn’t bad. My Icebreaker gear helps a lot, both in wet and cold conditions. I’ve run in temperatures as cold as 16 degrees F, and as long as my ears and head are covered, it’s totally manageable.

The key for me is to wear close-fitting, preferably merino layers. No cotton. When it’s really cold, I warm up a bit inside the house first (as opposed to outside).

Snow might be a different story. I’ve never run in snow, but if we get some I’m planning on trying it out. I have those low-profile slip-on crampons that might work on my running shoes.

Now that I have Jack to run with me, I need to consider his safety if it gets really cold. Do I need to get the dog to warm up inside the house before running in below-freezing temps? I have no idea! But I love having him run with me, so I need to check into that. Maybe he just needs these protective doggie boots: affiliate linkWhat do you do to winterize your workout? Do you make any changes?

Happy running,

This post is sponsored by MyInfoGuardian and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women.


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Just Jack, my running buddy

Just Jack

Jack, waiting on the chair outside of Ristretto Roasters.

Just Jack, the great protector.

I’m training Just Jack to be a good running dog. He’s a little exuberant and aggressive at this point, but I’m confident that if I keep working with him, he’ll be the perfect running companion.

For now, though… it’s a little stressful running with him.

Dog out for a walk? Jack thinks they should rough-house.

Man strolling by? Jack wants to rip his throat out.

While this is frustrating 99% of the time, the other day on my morning run, I was extremely grateful for my protector doggie.

My friend Annie and I were running at 5:30 a.m. It was (obviously) still dark, and Jack started focusing on something very seriously off to my right. When he sees a dog or a man, he usually gets all growly and jumpy. But this time, he was icy calm,  supremely focused on this street corner. Annie and I noticed a man coming out of the shadows, with a big backpack or cello case or something on his back. I’ve never seen Jack so focused and intent and… well, serious.

The man in the shadows halted and stepped behind a tree. Weird, right?

We really think that guy was up to no good. And I’m convinced that the presence of Just Jack prevented something bad from happening to Annie and I.

I know women who run with mace or pepper spray, and I’d certainly do that if I didn’t have a dog. But I’m feeling so grateful for my pup, even though he’s still a bit … ahem… untrained. I’d rather put the time in to training him to not rip the throat out of normal guys walking by, knowing that he’ll gladly rip the throat out of anyone trying to cause me or my running mamas any harm.

Be safe,


***Update: December 27, 2011***
I’ve been working with Jack diligently, as has Brian, and I’m proud and happy to report that Jack now completely ignores other runners! Mostly he ignores strange men lurking in the dark, and he still has a hard time with other dogs. The funny thing is, though, that when we’re off leash at the dog park, he is so meek and timid. He approaches other dogs 100% submissive, and plays really well with them. We’ll continue to work with him, I know he can do it!

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My Icebreaker Haul!

I took time out of a busy day to squeeze in a trip to the Icebreaker Friends and Family sale last week. I scored some awesome deals, of course! The total retail value of my 8 items was $400. I got them all for $120!

My pile! Two tops for me, one each for Brian & Anna (sorry, Eric!) and four pair of socks.

I was hoping for some base-layer pants, and/or pants I could use running. I couldn’t get to the sale until early afternoon, so if there were any bottoms there I missed them. At the time, I thought… “Oh well!” But after my rainy rainy run yesterday, I’m convinced I need to just invest in some at full price!

I got so incredibly wet, running in the rain for 45 minutes. But remarkably, my inner layer of Icebreaker (the red sleeveless athletic top in the picture above) was dry! Can you believe it? Before I took my outer layer off, I would have sworn that I was wet all the way through. Two layers of Icebreaker seems to do the trick. So yes. I need pants! I love the new running top, not only for keeping me dry, but also because it has a pocket on the back. Ostensibly for an Mp3 player, but I used it for my phone. It kept my phone dry, which is always a concern. If you do want to use it for an Mp3 player, check out the cool loop at the back neck for keeping your ear buds corralled!

I think my very best score, however, was this great sweater for Anna. It was only $15, and I’m kicking myself for not buying several more of them.

Anna in her new Icebreaker sweater, Eric being Eric.

When I showed her the sleeve detail, she looked a little confused:

But then I explained that the thumb holes made so her hands could stay warm while she plays on the monkey bars… and her face lit up! I think she was just delighted that I’m willing to be supportive of her monkey bar addiction.

This sweater is officially called a “Tech Top” and it retails for $70!

Anna wore it all weekend, so now I’ve got to do some laundry, quick. The really great thing about all Icebreaker products is that not only do they repel body odor and are breathable yet warm, they are totally NOT itchy! It’s amazing, really.  I don’t know how they do it.

Sustainable, comfortable, and incredibly utilitarian. And cute to boot!

To quote my dear old friend Carol, “BUSWAD!” (Bundle Up, Stay Warm And Dry)



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Why I love Icebreaker Merino {and why you should, too!}

I can hardly wait for the Icebreaker Friends and Family sale on Friday. Icebreaker is amazing, and I need more.

Here’s why:

1. It’s wool. Which is natural and sustainable.

2. Somehow, the brilliant creators have made it so it that it doesn’t absorb odors. Yup, no stinky armpits.

3. It’s lightweight and breathable so I can run in it in the summer…

4. …and yet keeps me warm on those 5:30 am runs in the winter!

5. Each piece is cut really well. So they fit nicely, and when something fits nicely I look better. And I like that.

6. Little details: my sweater (which looks a little like this one, but it’s red) has those cool over-the-hand warmers, and it has  a handy low-profile pocket on the arm just big enough for an iPod and a credit card.

7. They last forever. Absolutely worth the investment. But… speaking of investment

8. It’s time for the Friends & Family Sale! While each piece of Icebreaker Merino is a worthy investment, wouldn’t you like to get those awesome items for 50-80% off?

I know, RIGHT?

Last year, I scored Christmas and birthday presents for several people. And for myself! My favorite is a base-layer, long sleeve scoop neck that is PERFECT for running in the early mornings. It normally retails for around $80 I think. I got it for $20! I’m hoping to find another one tomorrow. Oh, and since ZooLights is right around the corner, I need some base layer bottoms as well!

I’m also scouting kids clothes, and a base layer for Brian. Since I love mine so much, I think he would like some, too.

Here are the sale details. If you’re in Portland, Oregon, you should 100% make time for this sale!

Friday, November 18
10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
525 NW 10th Avenue, where NW 10th meets Hoyt.

I had no trouble finding street parking within a block last year.

If you go to the sale, be sure to let me know what amazing deals you found!


Here’s more about what makes Icebreaker so great:


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Mamavation Monday

I have been a complete slacker about my fitness!

There, I said it. SLACKER.

I was training good and hard for a half marathon, and when an injury sidelined me, I had a hard time getting back going.

But I’m back, baby! Yesterday I took a nice bike ride with Vivian, and today I did a power walk with my friend Jenna. Tomorrow, I’m hoping my running mama gals will run with me. See, the secret to success for me is friends to join me along the way. Having fitness buddies really helps keep me motivated, and following along with the Mamavation Moms has me inspired. And really, Eric is turning 4 in October. Don’t you think it’s about time I lost that dang baby weight? Eating right isn’t enough any more, I have to exercise. Seriously.

I had to decide to get myself moving again, but I was fortunate enough to have encouraging girlfriends there to help.

Consider this mama motivated!


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